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Planning a wedding in 2024 opens the door to an exciting array of styles that redefine what it means to tie the knot. From sleek minimalism to free-spirited boho vibes, this guide dives into the hottest wedding aesthetics of the year.

Whether you’re aiming for timeless elegance, rustic charm, or an alternative edge, we’ve got you covered. No frills, just the latest trends, practical tips, and all the inspiration you need to make your wedding day uniquely and effortlessly cool.

Let’s explore the best wedding styles that promise an aesthetic vibe for your 2024 celebration.

What is a wedding aesthetic?

A wedding aesthetic refers to the overall visual and thematic style or design concept chosen by a couple for their wedding. It encompasses various elements such as color schemes, decorations, attire, venue choice, and overall atmosphere. The chosen aesthetic reflects the couple’s personality, preferences, and the mood they want to create for their special day.

For example, a wedding aesthetic could be vintage, rustic, modern, bohemian, romantic, minimalist, beachy, or any other theme that resonates with the couple. Elements like floral arrangements, table settings, invitations, and even the choice of venue contribute to creating a cohesive and visually appealing wedding aesthetic.

Couples often choose an aesthetic that reflects their shared interests, cultural background, or simply the vibe they envision for their celebration. This concept helps guide decisions related to all aspects of the wedding, ensuring a harmonious and personalized event.

How to find your perfect wedding style?

Discovering your perfect wedding style involves a thoughtful exploration of your tastes, aspirations, and shared vision as a couple.

Take time to reflect on the colors, themes, and atmospheres that resonate with you individually and as a pair. Collect inspiration from various sources, curating a visual storyboard that captures your aesthetic preferences. Consider the season and venue as influential factors, ensuring that your chosen style harmonizes with the surroundings.

Collaborate with your partner, exchanging ideas to create a cohesive vision for your big day. It’s crucial to be mindful of your budget, making choices that align with your financial plan. Embrace a bit of trial and error, experimenting with different elements until you achieve a wedding style that not only looks beautiful but also feels uniquely yours.

I have a whole blog on finding your wedding style.

The top wedding styles for 2023 and beyond!

table set up in boutique hotel
A Manchester City Centre Elopement

1. Minimalistic

Minimalistic weddings focus on simplicity, clean lines, and a sense of understated elegance. Opt for a neutral color palette, with a few accent colors, and streamlined decorations.

Choose modern, sleek venue spaces and keep the decor and details understated yet impactful. Consider minimalist invitations, simple floral arrangements, and a clean, uncluttered overall aesthetic.

Top Tips:

  • Prioritize quality over quantity in decor.
  • Opt for a modern venue with a sleek design.
  • Choose a simple and elegant wedding gown and attire.
  • Embrace negative space for a clean look.

2. Simple

A simple wedding style emphasizes ease and uncomplicated elegance. Stick to a straightforward color scheme, straightforward decor, and minimal fuss. This style often involves intimate gatherings with a focus on meaningful moments.

Choose uncomplicated floral arrangements, uncomplicated attire, and a venue that aligns with the unpretentious theme.

Top Tips:

  • Focus on a few key elements to avoid overwhelming simplicity.
  • Opt for easygoing and comfortable attire.
  • Choose a venue that complements a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Keep the ceremony and reception straightforward and heartfelt.
winter wedding stylist

3. Timeless

A timeless wedding style transcends trends, opting for classic elements that withstand the test of time. Think neutral color palettes, traditional attire, and elegant decor. Classic venues like ballrooms or historic locations work well. Incorporate timeless symbols such as roses, pearls, and candles.

Top Tips:

  • Choose a classic color palette like ivory, gold, or black and white.
  • Invest in a timeless wedding gown and attire.
  • Opt for classic floral arrangements and decor.
  • Consider traditional elements like a tiered wedding cake.
boho wedding macrame backdrop

4. Boho

Boho weddings embrace a free-spirited, bohemian vibe. Incorporate natural elements, eclectic decor, and a mix of textures and patterns. Opt for a relaxed dress code, and consider an outdoor or rustic venue. Use vibrant, earthy colors and incorporate elements like dreamcatchers, feathers, and wildflowers.

Top Tips:

  • Embrace mismatched decor and eclectic styling.
  • Consider a flower crown or loose, natural hairstyles.
  • Choose a venue surrounded by nature or with a bohemian feel.
  • Incorporate vintage or handmade elements for a personalized touch.
rustic wedding in a barn

5. Rustic

Rustic weddings evoke a sense of charm and simplicity, often set in barns, farms, or outdoor venues. Use a warm color palette, incorporate wooden elements, and choose simple, country-inspired decor. Burlap, mason jars, and fairy lights are common rustic decor elements.

Top Tips:

  • Select a venue with natural charm, such as a barn or farm.
  • Incorporate wooden signage and table settings.
  • Use wildflowers and greenery for a natural, rustic touch.
  • Consider a more casual dress code.
romantic love note

6. Romantic

Romantic weddings are characterized by soft colors, lush florals, and elegant details. Opt for a pastel color palette, cascading floral arrangements, and soft lighting. Choose venues with a romantic ambiance, such as gardens, ballrooms, or historic estates.

Top Tips:

  • Focus on soft and romantic lighting with candles or fairy lights.
  • Choose a color palette of blush, ivory, and gold.
  • Incorporate lush floral arrangements with roses and peonies.
  • Opt for elegant and timeless attire.
alternative wedding couple

7. Alternative

Alternative weddings break away from traditional norms, allowing couples to express their unique personalities.

This can include unconventional venues, non-traditional attire, and unique decor choices. Embrace bold colors, quirky details, and unexpected elements.

Top Tips:

  • Choose a venue that reflects your personality, even if it’s unconventional.
  • Experiment with non-traditional attire, such as colored wedding dresses.
  • Opt for unique decor elements that showcase your individuality.
  • Consider alternative entertainment options, like a live band or unique performances.

8. Whimsical

Whimsical weddings are characterized by a sense of playfulness and imagination. Incorporate bright and cheerful colors, quirky decor, and fantastical elements. Think fairy tale-inspired details, such as enchanted forests, whimsical signage, and playful motifs.

Top Tips:

  • Use vibrant and unexpected color combinations.
  • Integrate playful elements like balloons or unconventional centerpieces.
  • Choose a venue with a touch of magic, such as a garden or woodland setting.
  • Embrace fun and creative details in invitations and signage.

9. Natural / Eco

Natural or eco-friendly weddings prioritize sustainability and environmental consciousness. Choose earthy color palettes, eco-friendly materials, and incorporate nature-inspired decor. Opt for outdoor venues and minimize waste with reusable or biodegradable items.

Top Tips:

  • Choose locally sourced and organic materials for decor.
  • Consider an outdoor venue with minimal ecological impact.
  • Use potted plants or succulents as eco-friendly decor.
  • Provide reusable or biodegradable favors for guests.

10. Retro Wedding

Retro weddings draw inspiration from past eras, with a focus on vintage details and nostalgic elements. Select a specific era as your theme, such as the 1920s, 1950s, or 1980s. Incorporate era-appropriate attire, decor, and music to transport guests back in time.

Top Tips:

  • Research and choose a specific retro era as your theme.
  • Incorporate vintage elements like retro cars, typewriters, or record players.
  • Opt for attire that reflects the chosen era, from wedding dresses to suits.
  • Choose a venue with a historical or retro vibe.

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succulent and sunflower bouquet

Sunflowers are such a well-loved flower. So many brides come to me wanting to incorporate them into their wedding in some way.

From full on sunflowers everywhere you look to some little sunflower details sprinkled throughout.

Now sunflowers can be associated with autumn and rustic weddings. I believe they can work with any season and any style of wedding. And in this blog post, I am going to show you how!

Sunflowers for a wedding

Sunflowers are typically in season during the late summer and fall months. They are commonly available from July to October, depending on the specific region and local climate.

During this time, you can find sunflowers in full bloom and readily available in flower shops, farmers’ markets, and even some grocery stores.

It’s worth noting that the exact timing and duration of the sunflower season can vary slightly depending on factors such as the local climate, weather conditions, and the specific variety of sunflower being grown.

Summer/spring sunflower ideas color palette

I love a yellow and white color palette in spring or summer. It is so fresh and bright and you can even go really soft for an elegant feel.

You can do a bright colorful palette also, mix the yellow with pink, orange, blue, and all your favorites. Make sure to pick one tone though and keep all the colors in this. Pastels, brights, or jewel tones.

Fall/winter sunflower ideas color palette

Time to go all warm and cozy for fall or winter. I would bring in lots of burnt rusy oranges to compliment the yellow. Dark emerald green works really well.

Or a favorite of mine is yellow and navy and gold! You can go black, white, and yellow for any season. For a winter wedding mixed dark reds and purples works really well also.

Different sunflower wedding themes

Boho sunflower wedding

Styling a boho sunflower wedding is super easy. The main thing to not do is go to rustic if you want an only a boho vibe. Rustic and boho mix really well so don’t be worried if that is what you want.

I would do yellow and white in a mix of shades. Pampas grass and white roses alongside the sunflowers. Lots of macrame and natural elements to add texture.

Rustic sunflower wedding

I think rustic is usually the first style that comes to mind when you think about sunflower wedding themes.

Sunflowers and a rustic theme do work really well together. Go for a barn or outdoor venue, with lots of wood and wildflowers. You can add lace or linen for texture.


Now elegant might not seem like it works well with a sunflower wedding theme but I think it can. I would go yellow and white for my palette, with lots of different hues of each.

Soften the yellow with lighter, pastel shades. Lots of white flowers like roses and more delicate ones and also keep the sunflowers smaller. The bigs work well for any large installations but for bouquets and tables keep them small.

Lots of glass and white crisp linens to add freshness and keep things elegant.

Sunflower wedding ideas

Sunflower invites and stationery

This is a great way to add a little sunflower touch to your special day. If sunflowers are out of season for your wedding then this is a great way to add them. You can add them to any printed or stationery items for your wedding no matter the season.

Sunflower wedding bouquets

Of course, the easiest way to add sunflowers is to add them to any flowers at your wedding. Sunflower wedding bouquets are always stunning! You can add a few to a bouquet in your style or go all out and just have sunflowers only.

A single sunflower is nice for bridesmaids instead of a full bouquet.

Wedding arches and ceremony decor

Adding real or faux sunflowers to your wedding decor is an easy way to have a sunflower theme wedding.

You can pull back elsewhere if you have a large installation like an arch or floral display as it adds enough wow factor.

Or think about a meadow style flower display down the side of the aisle.

Centerpieces and Table Styling

I think when it comes to your table styling and flowers you should consider the size of the sunflowers. You don’t want huge sunflowers that take over the table as it can lead to a tacky.

Think about chair florals for the top table. You can do little bud vases or a floral display for round tables.

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wildflower wedding flowers

There is just something so romantic and dreamy about organic wildflowers.

Whether you are having an indoor or outdoor wedding and no matter the season the is a way to have a wildflower wedding theme.

So of course the easiest way to have a wildflower theme wedding is to use wild-grown flowers as your wedding flowers and bouquet.

If you want to fully embrace the wildflower wedding theme throughout your wedding design then there are lots of fun unique ways.

pink wildflower wedding centrepiece

Wildflower wedding styles

You can really take the wildflower theme and adapt it to any wedding aesthetic.

  • Rustic: Outdoor or barn wedding with lots of natural wood elements and loose wildflowers in jars and milk churns.
  • Fine art: using the flower in unique structural designs. keeping everything else minimal and considered.
  • Boho: festival vibes, think summer meadow. neutral color palette with lots of bud vase wildflowers.
  • Moody: for the colder months go with deeper darker colors and add in some autumn or winter greenery.

Spring and summer wildflower weddings

I think of a spring wedding when I first think of a wildflower design. Maybe as all the flowers are starting to blossom and the colors are finally coming through. It can easily work as well for a summer wedding.

Autumn and winter wildflower weddings

I think people might think this theme can’t work in the winter months, but they would be so wrong! Think moody autumn garden vibes. Use darker colors and seasonal wildflowers.

Wildflower wedding ideas

Wildflower invites

Having wildflowers growing from the bottom of the invites looks so pretty.

There are lots of designers who can hand draw this, and digitally design them.

Depending on your budget you can get some great templates on Etsy to edit and print yourself.

Another option is to have the invites printed on wildflower seeding paper.

You can then go for any design or style and it adds a touch of the wildflower theme. Your guest can then plant the paper and grow their own flowers!

Wildflower bouquets

If you want local wildflowers used in your bouquet then it is important to speak to your florist and make sure that is an option they offer. There are a lot of florists that grow their own or work with local smaller flower farmers so there will definitely be someone near you.

Faux and preserved wildflower bouquets

Faux and preserved flowers have come such a long way in the last few years. You can source all the flowers and make them yourselves as a fun DIY project. There are lots of premade and made to order options on Etsy and elsewhere to choose from that are so stunning and well-made.

You can go for dried flowers which will have a crispier feel and muted colors. Preserved flowers look and feel like fresh flowers. Also, real touch and high quality faux flowers are very realistic these days.

Wildflower Ceremony flower ideas

I think the number one way to have a wildflower wedding ceremony theme is a growing meadow aisle. Low level flowers with no base showing full of dreamy wildflowers. This isn’t cheap though, and if it isn’t in your budget there are other ways to create a similar style for less.

A good way is to have low level centerpiece florals and use them on the aisle also. Another way is lots of vases filled with wildflowers. You can add lanterns so fewer flowers are needed.

If you are wanting something more low key then a nice arch with a wildflower display always looks stunning. Or keep it super simple with just some vases or flower displays on the ceremony table.

Wildflower centerpiece ideas

I think bud vases filled with flowers and taper candles are always a winner! You can do a nice wildflower display with a few candles. Or I am in love with these lanterns with pressed flowers attached, how dreamy!

Wildflower wedding cake ideas

Again I think one cake always comes to mind when I think about wildflower cake ideas! A pressed flower cake is so on trend right now and swoon every time I see one! Or you can keep it simple, all white and some sugar flowers.

Wildflower wedding favors

So giving your guest wildflower seeds in a cute way is definitely a great way to carry on the wildflower theme. You can do candles, biscuits, or many different things with a wildflower touch.

Or make the place names or menus out of plantable paper and then they can take them home and plant their own wildflowers.


colorfulwedding style table set up

This can be a really overwhelming part of wedding planning for some couples.

I think we are sold on the idea that we have to have all the new shiny wedding trends by the wedding world.

For me though the perfect style for any wedding aesthetic is your own personal style.

The day is about celebrating you both as a couple and I think the design should tell your love story.

So through away those wedding mags, stop pinning away on Pinterest and spend some time asking yourself the question below.

If you commit to really thinking about what I say in this blog I guarantee you will have a clear idea of your wedding style by the end of this blog. Grab your partner, get a pad and pen, and really dig deep!

What does wedding aesthetic mean?

Aesthetic is a bit of a trendy word at the moment. It is used to say something looks good or is pretty.

Really though in wedding styling it just means your style or a particular style. which is routed in the true meaning and use of the word aesthetic. Creating a minimal, timeless, or rustic aesthetic.

colorfulwedding style table set up

How to find your wedding style for perfect aesthetic vibes!

1. Let your venue guide you

If you have picked your venue then this definitely the first place to help you decide your overall wedding style.

Ask yourself what it is you love about your wedding venue, the architecture, decor, and unique features. Also, the rooms you are using, their style, and the colors in the room will all play a huge part in what will work well for your wedding.

You don’t want to be clashing your tablecloth with the curtains!

2. Write how you want you and your guest to feel on the day

I think most couples get lost in looking at images to see how they want their wedding to look. But to truly find your personal style for an aesthetic you will love, you need to get writing!

Write down how you want your day to feel, how you want to feel, and how you want your guest to feel. Do you want a relaxed day or formal, fun, or moody?

3. Look at your home decor

If you have a home together or you’ve been planning your new home then this will be the biggest clue to what you like. If not and you are really struggling then do some research and see what style of home interiors you are drawn to.

Find what colors you’re drawn to, and what the styles are called that you like. Then from there, you can start looking at an event design that is similar.

4. Look at your personal style

Again, as I always say the best wedding styling is your authentic style. Have a look at how you dress, what clothes you like, and what style are you trying to achieve.

I get a lot of couples that say I dress comfy and casually I don’t have a style. Erm, that is a style! You are not going to want a formal black-tie event if that is not you. You are going to want your guests to feel welcome and relaxed, paired back luxury is for you!

ceremony set up outside for a relaxed wedding style

5. Write a list of things you love

You may be seeing the theme here. Finding out what you both love and tying them together to then create your design is the perfect aesthetic.

What do you love to do together? Travel, eat, watch movies, and go for walks. What are the most important things in your life? What made you fall in love with each other? What do you love about each other?

6. What are your hobbies

So this one can work well depending on your hobbies. Remember though it is about taking small elements from this and using them to inspire your wedding style.

You love to cycle together so you name your tables after your favorite routes. If you have or plan to travel the world together you add some travel elements. It is about small unique details, not one theme that takes over every element of the wedding.

7. Take inspiration from your travels

Do you have a country you always go to? Or maybe one you both fell in love with. Or just somewhere you love the vibe off.

Think about what it is you, love, how it makes you feel, and why. You can then use these to build your wedding style.

Finding your wedding style

This is a great start to getting to grips with creating your wedding style. Answering these questions will help start to really understand what style and feel you want for your wedding aesthetic.

Once you are done head to my color palette blog to help choose your wedding colors. Or my 5 steps to creating your wedding mood board blog.

lantern filled with flowers and candle

Looking for wedding ceremony decoration ideas?

Styling your ceremony can be overlooked at times as it is a smaller part of the day time-wise. I believe however it is the most important time of the day. It’s the whole point of the day, right?

You can make your ceremony look amazing with some key decor pieces. You can also go all out and if so I suggest reusing the items for the breakfast and reception after.

Don’t forget to grab the free wedding decor checklist.

What decorations items do I need for my ceremony?

I have put together this free ceremony decor checklist. It includes all the items you may need and is a great way to keep organized and not miss an item.

It doesn’t mean you need all these items, only include what feels right for you and your wedding style.

Grab a free Editable version of the checklist on Canva

Grab a free Editable version of the checklist on Canva

Wedding ceremony decoration ideas!

I have gathered some of my favorite ideas for wedding ceremony decorations.

These are ideas from past weddings I’ve styled and some that I’ve seen while researching and I just love!

A key thing to consider with your wedding aisle is how wide it is the size of your dress, and who is walking down it with you.

Too many decorations on an already tight aisle can lead to things falling or dress accidents.

Some aisles are really wide so having flowers or lanterns down the aisle is perfect to look less empty.

You can decorate the chairs or just go with a backdrop or arch if concerned.

Head to my wedding aisle decor blog for all my favorite ideas for 2023 weddings!

Wedding Aisle Decor Ideas

1. Fairy lights in lanterns

If your ceremony room is darker or you have an evening ceremony then fairy lights are a great way to add a romantic twinkle.

winter wedding styling ceremony set up with lights, flowers and fireplace

2. Low floral displays

Low florals shooting from the ground are the perfect ceremony flower option in my opinion.

lantern filled with flowers and candle

3. lanterns filled with flowers

These make great centerpieces also, so the perfect budget-friendly wedding ceremony decor.

Ceremony chair decorations

As mentioned above decoration chairs are a great way to style your wedding ceremony when the aisle doesn’t allow for items.

I love keeping it simple with some flowers on the side of the chairs down the middle of the aisle.

If reusing the chairs later then decorating all the chairs can have a huge impact.

Check out my wedding chair decoration ideas for lots of ideas and some DIY options too.

4. Chiffon chair drops

5. Florals added to chair sides on the aisle

6. Ribbons on chairs

Backdrop and arch for the ceremony

The easiest way to add the wow factor to your ceremony is to add an arch or backdrop.

It is great for photos and remember everyone is looking at you saying your vows so decorating that area will have the most impact.

I have a full blog on all the different wedding backdrop ideas and how to DIY your own.

7. Hexagon wedding arch

I thought these may have gone out of style by now, but no! I think they will stand the test of time and become just as used as an arch or circle backdrop.

triangle wedding arch with greenery

8. A triangle Arch

Here I decided to use the frame of the geodome itself. I do have triangle arches though and they are a great choice for a boho wedding theme.

Grab a free Editable version of the checklist on Canva

Ceremony flower ideas

You don’t have to have fresh flowers for your ceremony if it is not in your budget.

If it is though, flowers add so much organic beauty to a wedding ceremony.

A top tip is to ask for all the flowers to be easily movable. Being able to reuse them during the wedding breakfast or reception not only save money it is better for the environment.

Ceremony signs

Signage has become a trend within itself at weddings. I do think they can be important to help also to help keep guests informed and guide the flow of the day. The fact they add an extra design detail is an added bonus!

I put together a list of every sign you may need on your wedding day. Grab it now!

Wedding ceremony decor FAQs

Can you have decorations at a courthouse wedding?

Yes! You can have decorations at any type of wedding including a courthouse one. The most important thing is that you talk to the staff there to make sure they are okay with it and that you won’t be damaging anything.

How much does it cost to decorate a wedding ceremony?

It really depends on what decorations you want and how many. A simple ceremony with some DIY aisle markers could cost around £/$50-£/$100. If you want a more elaborate arch or backdrop, it could be a couple of hundred dollars. Depending on your budget though this can go into the tens of thousands.

What is the most popular ceremony decoration?

The most popular ceremony decoration is probably flowers. This could be for an arch, aisle markers, or just general decor around the ceremony space.

Do I need to decorate my wedding ceremony?

No, you don’t need to decorate your ceremony space if you don’t want to. It is entirely up to you and your budget. I do think it is an important part of the day so try and do at least a little decor.

cake area styling

Those of you who follow me on insta will know by now that I am a huge lover of a well-styled cake area. In this blog I am going to share with you some of my favourite cake styling area tips. I am Zoey, a wedding designer & stylist and this is my blog that will hopefully inspire and encourage you along your wedding planning journey.

Why is styling your cake area important?

Why style the cake area? A cake for your wedding or any event can be a big investment. So, why stick it in the corner on a small round table? Well, usually because that was the done thing or because you have way too much to think about planning, and the thought of adding in styling a cake area makes you want to scream! Well don’t worry as just adding a few key elements will make all the difference!

Wedding cakes are pricey! And so they should be they are a work of art some of them. It cost a lot to learn the skills to create a beautiful cake that will still look and taste as good after a long day at your wedding. But not just that your cake maker has worked hard and I feel it deserves the right stage to showcase it.

Grab my free cake area styling guide

Also, the cake is probably the one thing that is guaranteed to be seen by everyone. Every wedding I have been to or designed I always see guests, suppliers and even staff searching out the cake for a look. If all eyes are on the cake you should really make sure it look amazing. It is also a chance to have some fun and add your personality.

If you are a cake maker, stylist or even venue reading this looking for some ideas. I would encourage you to make that extra effort and offer the couple the chance to style heir cake area. Work with local stylist or hire companies to add this an option or buy your own stock. I hire my stock out and most can be posted to other suppliers and it is a great option for cake makers.

My top tips below work for couples, cake makers or anyone looking to up their cake styling game!

Tip 1 – Design

Work with yours or the couples overall wedding design. Make it an extension of the day its self. I think this is important to mention for cake makers. If you are offering the set up and styling ask for a moodboard, speak to the stylist, florist or planner if there is one. Make sure the design works for the wedding as much as it does for your cake.

Add varying heights. Add elements to add interest like candles, vases, signs and florals. Think about textures and using a mix. Chiffon, tulle, linen and cheesecloth fabric all work great. Order an extra runner if doing the styling or if a cake maker think have a go to stock of these. The cake area is a great place to splash out and get a hand dyed silk runner.

Think about the colours and textures in the cake and how you can work with and enhance them with the styling.

Tip 2 – Think Big!

This is the space to go all out! As mentioned it is the area most guests will see. You will have photos taken here to remember for the rest of your lives together. So have fun, think big and see what you can come up with!

Try to think past the standard table. Look at plinths, swings or whatever you can imagine up. If using a table use a mixture of stands, or unique backdrops. I love Bramble sky’s collection, below are a few of my favourites. This goes for both couples and suppliers. Look at what you have and then imagine how you can take it that one step further.

Sometimes a great backdrop is enough, using plinths instead of a table. Getting a wow factor cake stand. It doesn’t take much to so even if you pick one thing and think as big as you can with that it will make all the difference.

Tip 3 – Reuse

This one I always advocate with my couple and fellow suppliers. It is harder as a DIY couple as you really won’t have the time. If you have a stylist or planner or great hands on venue then ask them about moving items for you. This goes for all of your items and spaces not just styling the cake area.

Take what you can from the ceremony to use at your cake area. Whether that be florals, candles or fabrics. The main one though I think is he best to reuse is a backdrop. I actually have most of my backdrops in two sizes, one for the ceremony and then the cake area. As it saves the time moving and frees it up for adding to another space if and when required. I suggest moving the ceremony back drop behind the cake. Then after the cake is cut, move the tables or plinths and you have a photo backdrop for your reception guests.

As I keep mentioning whether a couple, cake maker or stylist. You need to work with the other suppliers, find out what they have that can be moved and reused. Let them know, especially the florist as they can make them easily movable. Or give you instructions if needed. Have a plan of what will be reused and make sure everyone who needs to be is aware as the time frame is usually tight so planning ahead is a must!

Tip 4 – Personality

The cake area is a great place to share more of your personality or love story. This can be in little ways, like a topper or signs. You may add decorations, pictures that tells a story of the two of you. For me creating emotion is the great event design and using personal items that the guests can connect with does this. It can be so simple as grandmas cake stand! Most guests know what it is and has their own story and emotions attached to it. A small little detail that will have a huge impact.

Tip 5 – Placement

Placement! Tradition is on the dance floor or next to the top table! Who cares about tradition though! These can work well and mean the guest can see the cake easily throughout the day. But sometimes I feel not always practical.

If you are going all out and making a big feature of the cake area then a little out the way is a better choice. Make sure it is not a high traffic area. This could effect guest flow when moving throughout the day. Also, not out the way too much no one knows where it is!

lastly, look around and see what you are placing it near or in front off. Sometimes you have no choice but fire extinguishers, window with a terrible view or worse curtains! These things can have a huge impact on the final overall look. This is when you have to consider a backdrop to cover certain feature of the venue.

Styling a wedding cake area

I hope you found this useful. I am working hard on my blog to overall aspects of wedding design and styling. To help not only couples but other wedding suppliers to understand and use design. If you are looking for a designer for any type of event get in contact I would love to chat! Or if haven’t already grabbed my wedding cake styling guide free now.

Don’t forget to pin it to save for later!

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