There is just something so romantic and dreamy about organic wildflowers.

Whether you are having an indoor or outdoor wedding and no matter the season the is a way to have a wildflower wedding theme.

So of course the easiest way to have a wildflower theme wedding is to use wild-grown flowers as your wedding flowers and bouquet.

If you want to fully embrace the wildflower wedding theme throughout your wedding design then there are lots of fun unique ways.

pink wildflower wedding centrepiece

Wildflower wedding styles

You can really take the wildflower theme and adapt it to any wedding aesthetic.

  • Rustic: Outdoor or barn wedding with lots of natural wood elements and loose wildflowers in jars and milk churns.
  • Fine art: using the flower in unique structural designs. keeping everything else minimal and considered.
  • Boho: festival vibes, think summer meadow. neutral color palette with lots of bud vase wildflowers.
  • Moody: for the colder months go with deeper darker colors and add in some autumn or winter greenery.

Spring and summer wildflower weddings

I think of a spring wedding when I first think of a wildflower design. Maybe as all the flowers are starting to blossom and the colors are finally coming through. It can easily work as well for a summer wedding.

Autumn and winter wildflower weddings

I think people might think this theme can’t work in the winter months, but they would be so wrong! Think moody autumn garden vibes. Use darker colors and seasonal wildflowers.

Wildflower wedding ideas

Wildflower invites

Having wildflowers growing from the bottom of the invites looks so pretty.

There are lots of designers who can hand draw this, and digitally design them.

Depending on your budget you can get some great templates on Etsy to edit and print yourself.

Another option is to have the invites printed on wildflower seeding paper.

You can then go for any design or style and it adds a touch of the wildflower theme. Your guest can then plant the paper and grow their own flowers!

Wildflower bouquets

If you want local wildflowers used in your bouquet then it is important to speak to your florist and make sure that is an option they offer. There are a lot of florists that grow their own or work with local smaller flower farmers so there will definitely be someone near you.

Faux and preserved wildflower bouquets

Faux and preserved flowers have come such a long way in the last few years. You can source all the flowers and make them yourselves as a fun DIY project. There are lots of premade and made to order options on Etsy and elsewhere to choose from that are so stunning and well-made.

You can go for dried flowers which will have a crispier feel and muted colors. Preserved flowers look and feel like fresh flowers. Also, real touch and high quality faux flowers are very realistic these days.

Wildflower Ceremony flower ideas

I think the number one way to have a wildflower wedding ceremony theme is a growing meadow aisle. Low level flowers with no base showing full of dreamy wildflowers. This isn’t cheap though, and if it isn’t in your budget there are other ways to create a similar style for less.

A good way is to have low level centerpiece florals and use them on the aisle also. Another way is lots of vases filled with wildflowers. You can add lanterns so fewer flowers are needed.

If you are wanting something more low key then a nice arch with a wildflower display always looks stunning. Or keep it super simple with just some vases or flower displays on the ceremony table.

Wildflower centerpiece ideas

I think bud vases filled with flowers and taper candles are always a winner! You can do a nice wildflower display with a few candles. Or I am in love with these lanterns with pressed flowers attached, how dreamy!

Wildflower wedding cake ideas

Again I think one cake always comes to mind when I think about wildflower cake ideas! A pressed flower cake is so on trend right now and swoon every time I see one! Or you can keep it simple, all white and some sugar flowers.

Wildflower wedding favors

So giving your guest wildflower seeds in a cute way is definitely a great way to carry on the wildflower theme. You can do candles, biscuits, or many different things with a wildflower touch.

Or make the place names or menus out of plantable paper and then they can take them home and plant their own wildflowers.


wildflower wedding flowers


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