Terracotta is a fall wedding color favorite and don’t get me wrong it is the perfect fall wedding color.

But it definitely isn’t just for fall!

In this post, I am going to show how you can have a terracotta color palette for any season and wedding style.

Because again, it isn’t just for a boho wedding!

Terracotta Color

Terracotta is a warm and earthy color that takes its inspiration from the natural hues of fired clay.

It is named after the Italian word “terra cotta,” which translates to “baked earth.”

Terracotta is commonly described as a reddish-brown or orange-brown color, reminiscent of sunsets, desert landscapes, and rustic pottery.

As you can see above, with most colors terracotta comes in a wide range of shades. This is important to remember when talking to different suppliers, send them the shades you are using so you are all working from the same palette.

Top Tip – Zoey Louise

What colors go with terracotta for a wedding?

Depending on the overall style you want to achieve there are so many colors that pair well with terracotta’s rich, natural tones.

Here are some colors that work well with terracotta for a wedding:

  • Neutrals: Neutrals like beige, cream, and ivory create a harmonious and understated wedding palette when combined with terracotta. They allow the terracotta color to stand out as the focal point while providing a balanced and calming feel.
  • Warm tones: Colors in the warm spectrum, such as mustard yellow, burnt orange, and deep reds, complement terracotta beautifully. These colors create a cohesive and inviting palette, evoking a sense of warmth and comfort. Perfect for an autumn wedding.
  • Earthy greens: Shades of green, particularly muted or olive greens, can create an appealing contrast with terracotta. These earthy greens bring a natural and organic feel to the color scheme, reminiscent of lush gardens or forests.
  • Blues and teals: Cool blues and teals can provide a striking contrast to terracotta, creating a visually pleasing combination. The coolness of these colors offsets the warmth of the terracotta, adding depth and balance to the overall wedding color scheme.
  • Metallic accents: Metallics like gold, brass, or copper can add a touch of luxury and elegance to a terracotta color scheme. These metallic accents can be incorporated as an accent color or used as a main color alongside terracotta.

Top Terracotta Wedding Color Schemes

Spring and Summer Terracotta Color Palettes

The best way to use terracotta for a spring or summer wedding is to pair it with softer and neutral colors.

Whites, creams, and champagne for a neutral base.

Then you can add in dusty pinks, greens, and even blues.

I have included on bright colorful wedding palette option which is perfect for a summer or spring wedding.

terracotta and white color palette

1. Terracotta and white

A timeless color palette choice. It can work with any wedding style.

Even though I am showing it as a spring/summer color it can work for any season.

Styling Tips

This palette lends itself to many different wedding styles. You can go boho with lots of pampas and white flowers.

You can go more minimal with crisp white tablecloths so key terracotta pieces, everything considered and paired back.

terracotta and blush color palette

2. Elegant Wedding Style – Terracotta, cream, blush

Adding a soft blush color to your wedding color scheme is the perfect way to add a fresh spring or summer twist.

Styling Tips

I would keep things simple with the palette and go for an elegant wedding style.

Blush tablecloths and flowers. Lots of glass and candles, some terracotta decor pieces.

blue, pink, coral and terracotta color palette

3. Color pop – terracotta, coral, pink, orange, and blue

How fun and modern are these colors together?

When I get a chance to style a colorful wedding I do get excited.

I am a minimal girl at heart but the fun you can have with color can’t be beaten.

Styling Tips

I would break the colors up and pick your base color or colors. Then which color(s) will be your main and then which will be used as an accent?

It stops you from just throwing all the colors everywhere and gives a cleaner modern look.

ribbon image with a mix of champange and terracotta

4. Terracotta and champagne

A match made in heaven! The shiny, smooth look of champagne really softens the earthy, rich tone of the terracotta.

This color scheme can work in any season, for spring and summer use more champagne and a lighter terracotta.

Styling Tips

For a spring or summer wedding, I would use terracotta more as an accent color.

Use a mix of champagne tones to build your base and maid colors and then pops of terracotta throughout.

terracotta, white and black color scheme

5. For a modern wedding – terracotta, white and black

Now this may be one of my fave terracotta color schemes for a wedding.

I just think monochrome works with any main color for a clean modern look.

Styling Tips

I would have linen white tablecloths and softer terracotta linens and decor items.

Then black accents with the cutlery, decor items, and on the day stationery.

Fall and winter terracotta color schemes

Fall and winter are the time to have some fun and create some unique rich terracotta color schemes.

Any of the above colors will work but for a real moody, rich feel go for more earthy colors.

You can still create any style of wedding just play around with the colors and accents.

sunset image and all colors shown underneath

6. Sunset – A mix of rust, orange, peach

A melting pot of terracotta sunshine!

The best way to think about his palette is all the shades mixing and melting together to create all the golden sunset colors.

Styling Tips

This would work well in a rustic barn venue. Lots of wood, natural elements, and textures.

You can play with the amount of each shade to create a darker or lighter overall feel. I would say lots of candlelight and warm fairy lights.

rusty terracotta art with palette below

7. Terracotta and rust

I love this color mix for an autumn wedding! Rich, earthy, and with the right lighting so romantic!

Styling Tips

Candles and fairy lights are your best friend with this palette.

You want to only use warm lighting, the fairy lights will add some romantic twinkle.

navy blue, terracotta and gold color scheme

8. Terracotta and navy blue

I love that you can go really regal and a little vintage with this palette or really fun and modern.

This definitely the perfect way to use terracotta for a winter wedding!

Styling Tips

I would have rich, luxurious velvet navy tablecloths.

Lots of terracotta and rust and even maybe copper decor pieces. Of course lots of candlelight.

terracotta, rust and emerald green color scheme

9. Terracotta and emarald green

Two of the most ‘it’ wedding colors right now!

I just love the romantic, rich earthy feel they give, It is definitely a more moody color palette, which I love!

Styling Tips

Lots of texture, when working with moody palettes I like to layer a lot and texture to soften the blocks of darker colors.

burgundy and terracotta flower with colors shown under

10. Terracotta and burgundy

I just love this palette, I mean how gorgeous are these colors together?

Please if you do your wedding in these colors send the pics over, dreamy!

Styling Tips

If you want to soften this moody palette a little add some blush in there also.

I love this palette though how it is for an autumn or winter wedding. Again, lots of textures, and different shades of each color.

terravotta and sage green color palette

11. Rustic wedding – terracotta and sage green

Did I just save the best to last? Possibly, this palette can work in any season.

I love the earthy tones while still being modern and fresh.

Styling Tips

This one I love so much it has its own design board and detailed bog on how to create this look.

I would use lots of natural elements like linen, wood, and of course real terracotta.

Keep things clean and fresh with some small rustic elements.

Head to my terracotta and sage green wedding styling blog for the full breakdown.

ribbon image with a mix of champange and terracotta

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