Sage green and terracotta, I just love this color combo! It seems yous do too!

So I get asked a lot to break down how I would style a certain color palette or color scheme.

I totally get it, finding the right colors to use and how to use them for a wedding can be hard.

I always held off on these sorts of blogs as annoying as it is to hear it really depends on so many factors.

I will style every wedding with this color scheme completely differently. But there would be some overall similarities.

So, here goes! Hopefully, this blog can answer this question and give you ideas and guides on styling a terracotta and sage green wedding.

Just looking for terracotta wedding color palettes?

graphic with terracotta and sage green wedding colors and styling guide

Sage Green and Terracotta color palette

Depending on your venue, wedding season, and overall style you can add other colors to adapt the look.

Most metals will work for an accent color, you can even use black for a modern feel.

The more white you use in your overall design the fresher and brighter the look will be.

You could use a darker sage green as your base and create a moody wedding color palette.

terravotta and sage green color palette

Ideas for styling a terracotta and sage green wedding

Stationery Ideas for a Sage green and terracotta wedding

If you are designing and creating your own wedding stationery then there can be a lot to consider.

  • Firstly pick 2/3 fonts that you will use throughout the stationery.
  • You need to choose the paper texture and colors
  • The overall feel and look you want to create, this will be the first glimpse of your wedding
  • A monogram or image can be a nice way to brand the stationery and day

You can see in this design board I went for a modern feel with a slight Scandi, boho vibe. I have this template set for sale in my Etsy store if this is your style.

Here are some more different ideas for terracotta and sage green wedding stationery.

Sage Green and terracotta Wedding Invites

Terracotta and Sage Green Wedding Flowers

Dried flowers lend themselves really well to this color palette. Using pampas and other dried grasses for the whites.

Greenery to add in the sage. You can then get some gorgeous terracotta-colored roses in fresh or silk.

Here are some ideas for different flowers you will need to consider for your wedding day

Bridal and bridesmaid bouquets

Centerpieces & large Installations

Table Styling for a terracotta and sage green wedding

For the design above, I would go for linen tablecloths to add a little natural texture.

I would use a mix of sage green and terracotta cheesecloth table runners.

Terracotta pieces as place names, copper cutlery, and a sage green menu.

You could use sage green tablecloths and white runners for a really fresh look.

Or if you want to make the look a little moodier or richer you could use terracotta tablecloths, velvet would be amazing for an autumn wedding.

white and sage green table set up

Wedding and events

Terracotta and Sage Green Wedding Theme Ideas & Styling Guide







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