Useful is not always the first thing you want someone to say about your wedding gift! I hear you, giving an unforgettable wedding gift is a great feeling.

But, hear me out! If your gift is so useful they use it every day, doesn’t that kinda make it unforgettable?

I must admit that if they already have it it may not be a useful gift, so check first.

I have rounded up all the most useful wedding gifts. Where did I get my list? From real couples and suppliers. These really the most useful wedding gifts, tried, tested, and recommended.

The most useful gifts for newlyweds

1. Money

Money or a voucher is always going to be the most useful gift. They can spend it on whatever they need, and pay off any wedding or honeymoon debt. You can find fun or unique ways to gift money if you still wanted it to be special.

2. Glassware

Maybe just me and my stylish couple but you can never have too much glassware, right? A really nice set of glasses mean they can use them for future dinner parties. Or maybe they need them as just moving in together, either way, glassware is a super useful choice.

3. Crockery Set

So this one was a huge one from couples when I surveyed my old couple and followers. I have so many different sets and would always be delighted if I received a new set of plates.

Again it is perfect for entertaining or to have set out on the table. Or if going to be their everyday set just think how much use they will get out of them. Literally every day!

4. Bath Towels

Again, you can never have too many soft plump towels right? Thick, fluffy hotel-style towels are a winner for everyone.

You can have them personalized with the couple’s new shared second name. Or how about matching robes also?

5. Gift of time or service

This could be for the wedding or something after. Think about your skills or a service you offer and how gifting this could be a huge help.

Even just your time is a big give! I always say stuff and money you can get more of but time, well that is limited!

6. Coasters

So, ill let you into a secret! Keep this one to yourself though!

I didn’t have coasters for years when we first moved in together. I kept meaning to buy some but didn’t. yes, I’ve ruined furniture and still didn’t buy some.

I got some as a gift and couldn’t believe how much easier it was to have a cup of coffee! No more stains!

7. Cup warmer

This one is totally me. I got this last Christmas and honestly a game changer! If you leave your coffee or hot drink to go cold at least 10 times a day like me, you need this!

Come on, you already know who you are buying for already, don’t you?

8. Tea Towels

Does anyone else go through a lot of tea towels? Ryan like to burn them, stain them, and yes not sure how but lose them!

Personalized tea towels are a cute and useful gift for newlyweds and any couple really!

9. Basket, Storage box

This one came up a lot actually. It made me think about when I had my daughter and I got a lovely large keepsake box, still have and probably always will.

It was big enough to keep all the special moments from her birth and early years in. At the time I didn’t realize how useful the gift really was and would always be.

But storage is very fashionable right now so buying a couple some stylish storage with labels would be a big hit.

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Useful Wedding Gifts – They will actually use!







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