Sage green really has taken the wedding world by storm! Sage green weddings are popular for all seasons and wedding styles.

It is a muted and soft green color that takes its inspiration from the dusty and silvery tones of the leaves of the sage plant.

It’s a versatile and neutral green, often described as a grayish-green or a gray-green with a hint of earthiness. The color sage green is soothing and calming, creating a serene and elegant ambiance.

Different shades and tones of sage green can vary in intensity and undertones, allowing for a range of options in wedding color palettes. Here are some variations:

Different Sage Green Colors

  1. Light Sage Green: A pale and delicate version of sage, light sage green adds a subtle touch of greenery without being overpowering. It has a gentle and airy quality, ideal for creating a soft and romantic atmosphere.
  2. Classic Sage Green: The standard or classic sage green is a mid-tone shade that embodies the quintessential muted green often associated with the herb. It’s a versatile and timeless choice for various wedding themes.
  3. Dusty Sage Green: A slightly muted and desaturated version of sage green, the dusty sage offers a vintage and romantic feel. It works well in creating a dreamy and soft aesthetic.
  4. Olive Sage Green: With hints of olive or khaki undertones, this deeper sage green adds richness and warmth. It’s an excellent choice for fall or winter weddings, bringing a touch of earthiness.
  5. Silver Sage Green: Tinged with a silvery-gray undertone, silver sage green has a sophisticated and modern appeal. It adds a touch of elegance and pairs well with metallic accents.
  6. Dark Sage Green: A deeper and more intense version of sage green, dark sage brings a sense of drama and richness to the color palette. It works particularly well for creating a moody or winter wedding atmosphere.

What colors go with sage green for a wedding?

flowers bouquet and color palette blush and sage

1. Blush and Sage Green

Timeless, Romantic, and Soft

Create a romantic and timeless atmosphere with the delicate pairing of blush and sage green. For a soft and elegant look, use blush as the primary color with sage green accents.

Consider blush bridesmaid dresses, floral arrangements with blush roses and sage green foliage, and sage green table runners.

Opt for soft, flowing fabrics for a dreamy and ethereal ambiance. Incorporate gold accents through tableware and centerpieces for a touch of luxury.

Blush and sage green can be the perfect choice for spring or summer weddings, bringing a sense of freshness and romance.

gold and sage green color combo

2. Gold and Sage Green

Clean, Traditional but Modern

For a clean and modern yet timeless wedding palette, combine gold and sage green. Gold adds a touch of opulence to the natural elegance of sage green.

Choose sage as the dominant color, and use a mix of tones, with gold accents in crockery and decor.

Consider gold-rimmed glassware, golden cutlery, and sage green tablecloths. This combination works well for any season, bringing a sense of sophistication and modernity to a traditional setting.

You can add darker green for winter and fall weddings. Keep it light and soft for summer and spring, you can even add in tans, or blush for a little freshness.

landscape image with colour palette under with dusty blue and sage green

3. Dusty Blue and Sage

Soft Moody, Minimalist but Full of Textures and Layers

Embrace a soft and moody aesthetic with dusty blue and sage green. This minimalist palette can be brought to life with textured fabrics and layers.

Use can use dusty blue or sage green as the base color pops or an equal measure of the other. Use in bouquets, centerpieces, and table runners.

Incorporate textures like velvet and linen for added depth. This combination is ideal for a wedding with a romantic, understated vibe, perfect for any season.

pink and sage green flowers in a color combination

4. Pink and Sage Green

Fun, Bright Color Pop

Infuse fun and brightness into your wedding with the lively combination of pink and sage green.

Choose a vibrant shade of pink as the main color and complement it with sage green accents. Use pink flowers, bridesmaid dresses, and tablecloths, adding sage green details through foliage and decor.

This palette works well for spring or summer weddings, creating a joyful and lively atmosphere.

a white and sage green bouquet

5. White and Sage Green

Clean, Formal, Luxury Wedding

For a clean and luxurious wedding palette, opt for the classic combination of white and sage green. White serves as the dominant color, creating a formal and elegant atmosphere, while sage green adds a touch of nature.

Use white linens, flowers, and table settings, with sage green accents in floral arrangements and subtle decor.

This timeless combination is suitable for any season, bringing a sense of sophistication to the celebration.

navy and sage green wedding color palette

6. Navy Blue and Sage Green

Moody Vibes, Rich Layers, and Textures but Soft and Romantic

Capture moody winter vibes with the rich combination of navy blue and sage green. Navy blue sets a dramatic tone, complemented by the softness of sage green.

Incorporate navy blue bridesmaid dresses, tablecloths, and floral elements, with sage green details in bouquets and centrepieces.

Add rich textures like velvet and layered fabrics for a romantic and cozy winter atmosphere.

sage, terracotta color palette greaphic

7. Terracotta, White, and Sage

Boho, Clean Luxury, a Little Rustic but Still High End

Achieve a boho-chic and luxurious ambiance with the combination of terracotta, white, and sage green. Terracotta adds warmth and a touch of rustic charm, while white and sage green brings in a clean and high-end feel.

Use terracotta accents in floral arrangements, bridesmaid dresses, and decor, with white and sage green as the primary colors. This palette works well for a bohemian-inspired wedding with a touch of elegance.

autumnal color Palette fir a fall wedding

8. Fall Sage Green Wedding Color Platte

Rich, Autumnal Color, Foliage, Natural Elements, Rustic

Celebrate the richness of fall with an autumnal color palette. Incorporate warm hues like deep reds, oranges, and browns, complemented by the natural greenery of sage green.

Use these colors in floral arrangements, bridesmaid dresses, and decor to capture the essence of fall.

Add rustic elements like wooden accents and burlap for a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

I have lots more Fall color palettes.

moody sage green wedding color palette

9. Moody Mixed Greens and Sage

Winter or Autumn Green Wedding Color Palette

Embrace the moody and mysterious atmosphere of winter or autumn with a palette of mixed greens and sage green.

Use various shades of dark green, combined with sage green, for a rich and layered look. Incorporate deep green foliage, dark tablecloths, and candlelight to create a romantic and enchanting setting. Emerald green would work perfectly.

This palette works well for winter or autumn weddings, bringing a sense of depth and sophistication.

sage green wedding table styling

10. Tan, Beige, and Sage

Luxury Bohemian Scandinavian Vibes, Dried Flower, and High End

Achieve a luxurious bohemian Scandinavian vibe with the sophisticated combination of tan, beige, and sage green. Incorporate dried flowers and high-end elements to elevate the overall aesthetic. Use tan and beige as the dominant colors with sage green as an accent. Opt for neutral-toned bridesmaid dresses, dried flower arrangements, and elegant decor for a luxurious boho-chic celebration.

Sage Green Wedding Ideas

sage green and copper wedding table set up
sage green wedding ceremony set up
sage green and white wedding bouquet

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