Looking for wedding ceremony decoration ideas?

Styling your ceremony can be overlooked at times as it is a smaller part of the day time-wise. I believe however it is the most important time of the day. It’s the whole point of the day, right?

You can make your ceremony look amazing with some key decor pieces. You can also go all out and if so I suggest reusing the items for the breakfast and reception after.

Don’t forget to grab the free wedding decor checklist.

What decorations items do I need for my ceremony?

I have put together this free ceremony decor checklist. It includes all the items you may need and is a great way to keep organized and not miss an item.

It doesn’t mean you need all these items, only include what feels right for you and your wedding style.

Grab a free Editable version of the checklist on Canva

Grab a free Editable version of the checklist on Canva

Wedding ceremony decoration ideas!

I have gathered some of my favorite ideas for wedding ceremony decorations.

These are ideas from past weddings I’ve styled and some that I’ve seen while researching and I just love!

A key thing to consider with your wedding aisle is how wide it is the size of your dress, and who is walking down it with you.

Too many decorations on an already tight aisle can lead to things falling or dress accidents.

Some aisles are really wide so having flowers or lanterns down the aisle is perfect to look less empty.

You can decorate the chairs or just go with a backdrop or arch if concerned.

Head to my wedding aisle decor blog for all my favorite ideas for 2023 weddings!

Wedding Aisle Decor Ideas

1. Fairy lights in lanterns

If your ceremony room is darker or you have an evening ceremony then fairy lights are a great way to add a romantic twinkle.

winter wedding styling ceremony set up with lights, flowers and fireplace

2. Low floral displays

Low florals shooting from the ground are the perfect ceremony flower option in my opinion.

lantern filled with flowers and candle

3. lanterns filled with flowers

These make great centerpieces also, so the perfect budget-friendly wedding ceremony decor.

Ceremony chair decorations

As mentioned above decoration chairs are a great way to style your wedding ceremony when the aisle doesn’t allow for items.

I love keeping it simple with some flowers on the side of the chairs down the middle of the aisle.

If reusing the chairs later then decorating all the chairs can have a huge impact.

Check out my wedding chair decoration ideas for lots of ideas and some DIY options too.

4. Chiffon chair drops

5. Florals added to chair sides on the aisle

6. Ribbons on chairs

Backdrop and arch for the ceremony

The easiest way to add the wow factor to your ceremony is to add an arch or backdrop.

It is great for photos and remember everyone is looking at you saying your vows so decorating that area will have the most impact.

I have a full blog on all the different wedding backdrop ideas and how to DIY your own.

7. Hexagon wedding arch

I thought these may have gone out of style by now, but no! I think they will stand the test of time and become just as used as an arch or circle backdrop.

triangle wedding arch with greenery

8. A triangle Arch

Here I decided to use the frame of the geodome itself. I do have triangle arches though and they are a great choice for a boho wedding theme.

Grab a free Editable version of the checklist on Canva

Ceremony flower ideas

You don’t have to have fresh flowers for your ceremony if it is not in your budget.

If it is though, flowers add so much organic beauty to a wedding ceremony.

A top tip is to ask for all the flowers to be easily movable. Being able to reuse them during the wedding breakfast or reception not only save money it is better for the environment.

Ceremony signs

Signage has become a trend within itself at weddings. I do think they can be important to help also to help keep guests informed and guide the flow of the day. The fact they add an extra design detail is an added bonus!

I put together a list of every sign you may need on your wedding day. Grab it now!

Wedding ceremony decor FAQs

Can you have decorations at a courthouse wedding?

Yes! You can have decorations at any type of wedding including a courthouse one. The most important thing is that you talk to the staff there to make sure they are okay with it and that you won’t be damaging anything.

How much does it cost to decorate a wedding ceremony?

It really depends on what decorations you want and how many. A simple ceremony with some DIY aisle markers could cost around £/$50-£/$100. If you want a more elaborate arch or backdrop, it could be a couple of hundred dollars. Depending on your budget though this can go into the tens of thousands.

What is the most popular ceremony decoration?

The most popular ceremony decoration is probably flowers. This could be for an arch, aisle markers, or just general decor around the ceremony space.

Do I need to decorate my wedding ceremony?

No, you don’t need to decorate your ceremony space if you don’t want to. It is entirely up to you and your budget. I do think it is an important part of the day so try and do at least a little decor.

lantern filled with flowers and candle


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