This can be a really overwhelming part of wedding planning for some couples.

I think we are sold on the idea that we have to have all the new shiny wedding trends by the wedding world.

For me though the perfect style for any wedding aesthetic is your own personal style.

The day is about celebrating you both as a couple and I think the design should tell your love story.

So through away those wedding mags, stop pinning away on Pinterest and spend some time asking yourself the question below.

If you commit to really thinking about what I say in this blog I guarantee you will have a clear idea of your wedding style by the end of this blog. Grab your partner, get a pad and pen, and really dig deep!

What does wedding aesthetic mean?

Aesthetic is a bit of a trendy word at the moment. It is used to say something looks good or is pretty.

Really though in wedding styling it just means your style or a particular style. which is routed in the true meaning and use of the word aesthetic. Creating a minimal, timeless, or rustic aesthetic.

colorfulwedding style table set up

How to find your wedding style for perfect aesthetic vibes!

1. Let your venue guide you

If you have picked your venue then this definitely the first place to help you decide your overall wedding style.

Ask yourself what it is you love about your wedding venue, the architecture, decor, and unique features. Also, the rooms you are using, their style, and the colors in the room will all play a huge part in what will work well for your wedding.

You don’t want to be clashing your tablecloth with the curtains!

2. Write how you want you and your guest to feel on the day

I think most couples get lost in looking at images to see how they want their wedding to look. But to truly find your personal style for an aesthetic you will love, you need to get writing!

Write down how you want your day to feel, how you want to feel, and how you want your guest to feel. Do you want a relaxed day or formal, fun, or moody?

3. Look at your home decor

If you have a home together or you’ve been planning your new home then this will be the biggest clue to what you like. If not and you are really struggling then do some research and see what style of home interiors you are drawn to.

Find what colors you’re drawn to, and what the styles are called that you like. Then from there, you can start looking at an event design that is similar.

4. Look at your personal style

Again, as I always say the best wedding styling is your authentic style. Have a look at how you dress, what clothes you like, and what style are you trying to achieve.

I get a lot of couples that say I dress comfy and casually I don’t have a style. Erm, that is a style! You are not going to want a formal black-tie event if that is not you. You are going to want your guests to feel welcome and relaxed, paired back luxury is for you!

ceremony set up outside for a relaxed wedding style

5. Write a list of things you love

You may be seeing the theme here. Finding out what you both love and tying them together to then create your design is the perfect aesthetic.

What do you love to do together? Travel, eat, watch movies, and go for walks. What are the most important things in your life? What made you fall in love with each other? What do you love about each other?

6. What are your hobbies

So this one can work well depending on your hobbies. Remember though it is about taking small elements from this and using them to inspire your wedding style.

You love to cycle together so you name your tables after your favorite routes. If you have or plan to travel the world together you add some travel elements. It is about small unique details, not one theme that takes over every element of the wedding.

7. Take inspiration from your travels

Do you have a country you always go to? Or maybe one you both fell in love with. Or just somewhere you love the vibe off.

Think about what it is you, love, how it makes you feel, and why. You can then use these to build your wedding style.

Finding your wedding style

This is a great start to getting to grips with creating your wedding style. Answering these questions will help start to really understand what style and feel you want for your wedding aesthetic.

Once you are done head to my color palette blog to help choose your wedding colors. Or my 5 steps to creating your wedding mood board blog.

colorfulwedding style table set up


What is my wedding aesthetic? Guide to finding your wedding style!







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