Sunflowers are such a well-loved flower. So many brides come to me wanting to incorporate them into their wedding in some way.

From full on sunflowers everywhere you look to some little sunflower details sprinkled throughout.

Now sunflowers can be associated with autumn and rustic weddings. I believe they can work with any season and any style of wedding. And in this blog post, I am going to show you how!

Sunflowers for a wedding

Sunflowers are typically in season during the late summer and fall months. They are commonly available from July to October, depending on the specific region and local climate.

During this time, you can find sunflowers in full bloom and readily available in flower shops, farmers’ markets, and even some grocery stores.

It’s worth noting that the exact timing and duration of the sunflower season can vary slightly depending on factors such as the local climate, weather conditions, and the specific variety of sunflower being grown.

Summer/spring sunflower ideas color palette

I love a yellow and white color palette in spring or summer. It is so fresh and bright and you can even go really soft for an elegant feel.

You can do a bright colorful palette also, mix the yellow with pink, orange, blue, and all your favorites. Make sure to pick one tone though and keep all the colors in this. Pastels, brights, or jewel tones.

Fall/winter sunflower ideas color palette

Time to go all warm and cozy for fall or winter. I would bring in lots of burnt rusy oranges to compliment the yellow. Dark emerald green works really well.

Or a favorite of mine is yellow and navy and gold! You can go black, white, and yellow for any season. For a winter wedding mixed dark reds and purples works really well also.

Different sunflower wedding themes

Boho sunflower wedding

Styling a boho sunflower wedding is super easy. The main thing to not do is go to rustic if you want an only a boho vibe. Rustic and boho mix really well so don’t be worried if that is what you want.

I would do yellow and white in a mix of shades. Pampas grass and white roses alongside the sunflowers. Lots of macrame and natural elements to add texture.

Rustic sunflower wedding

I think rustic is usually the first style that comes to mind when you think about sunflower wedding themes.

Sunflowers and a rustic theme do work really well together. Go for a barn or outdoor venue, with lots of wood and wildflowers. You can add lace or linen for texture.


Now elegant might not seem like it works well with a sunflower wedding theme but I think it can. I would go yellow and white for my palette, with lots of different hues of each.

Soften the yellow with lighter, pastel shades. Lots of white flowers like roses and more delicate ones and also keep the sunflowers smaller. The bigs work well for any large installations but for bouquets and tables keep them small.

Lots of glass and white crisp linens to add freshness and keep things elegant.

Sunflower wedding ideas

Sunflower invites and stationery

This is a great way to add a little sunflower touch to your special day. If sunflowers are out of season for your wedding then this is a great way to add them. You can add them to any printed or stationery items for your wedding no matter the season.

Sunflower wedding bouquets

Of course, the easiest way to add sunflowers is to add them to any flowers at your wedding. Sunflower wedding bouquets are always stunning! You can add a few to a bouquet in your style or go all out and just have sunflowers only.

A single sunflower is nice for bridesmaids instead of a full bouquet.

Wedding arches and ceremony decor

Adding real or faux sunflowers to your wedding decor is an easy way to have a sunflower theme wedding.

You can pull back elsewhere if you have a large installation like an arch or floral display as it adds enough wow factor.

Or think about a meadow style flower display down the side of the aisle.

Centerpieces and Table Styling

I think when it comes to your table styling and flowers you should consider the size of the sunflowers. You don’t want huge sunflowers that take over the table as it can lead to a tacky.

Think about chair florals for the top table. You can do little bud vases or a floral display for round tables.

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