Ever been to a bridal shower and the whole thing is just a little awkward? They miss the mark with the games and they are either just way too much for the event or way too boring to get anyone involved.

Well, you don’t need to worry, that will not be your bridal shower. I have surveyed guests, brides, and suppliers to find out the games people actually want to play at a bridal shower!

1. Bridal Bingo

Bridal bingo is the best game for a large sit down event. It also works well in smaller groups and you can mix and match it up to what suits your size. You can play normal bingo or bridal shower alternatives.

  • Create bingo cards with wedding-related words or gifts that the guests can mark off. The first person to get a line or a full card yells “Bingo!”
  • Create bingo cards with gifts from the gift registry and the guest mark off each time the bride opens one of their cards.
  • Create cards with details of different facts about guests. The winner has to find who the fact is for each one.

I have a full blog post breaking down how to play and create cards for all these bridal shower bingo games in detail.

2. Wedding Trivia

Prepare a list of wedding-related trivia questions and see who can answer the most correctly. You can cover topics like famous weddings, wedding traditions, or facts about the bride and groom. Think about what would suit the bride and guests attending.

3. Put a ring on it

The ring game works for big parties, smaller events and long weekend breaks. You give or tell everyone to take the ring. You pick a word, usually bride, and if anyone hears you say the word they get your ring. The person at the end with the most rings wins a prize.

I have a full guide with free printables, just head to the Put a Ring on it game guide.

why do we do that game

4. Why do we do that?

This game is great for history and tradition loving brides. Find some of the strangest wedding traditions, trust me there’s a lot. Then the guest has to guess why we do those traditions.

Example: why do brides wear a white dress? Give me the answer in the comments below.

Again I have a full blog post on this game also with free printables. Why do we do that game?

5. Pin the veil

If you have ever played Pin the tail on the Donkey you will know this one. I loved this game as a kid at birthday parties, anyone else?

You blindfold guests and give them a veil and they have to try and pin it in the right place on a big cut out bride. Can be the actual bride to be or a cartoon or photo.

how well do you know the bride game

6. How Well Do You Know the Bride?

Ask the guests a series of questions about the bride before the event. During the shower, read the questions aloud and have the guests write down their answers. Compare the responses and see who knows the bride best.

7. Bridal Pictionary

Divide the guests into teams and have them take turns drawing wedding-related words or phrases while their team members try to guess what they are illustrating within a time limit.

8. The Newlywed Game

Prepare a list of questions about the couple’s relationship and have the groom answer them in advance. During the shower, ask the bride the same questions and see how their answers match up.

9. Advice for the Bride

Set up a station with note cards or a guestbook where guests can write down their advice, well wishes, or marriage tips for the bride. This can be a thoughtful keepsake for the bride to look back on.

10. Toilet Paper Dress Game

Divide guests into teams and provide rolls of toilet paper or crepe paper. In a limited time, each team must create a wedding dress using only the materials provided. The bride can judge the designs and choose a winning team.

bridal shower printable games

11. Wedding Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt list with items related to weddings or specific objects around the venue. Guests can work individually or in teams to find and check off the items on the list.

12. Couple Jeopardy

Couple Jeopardy is a fun and interactive bridal shower game where the bride and groom answer questions about each other to test their knowledge and compatibility. The game is set up like a quiz show, with various categories and point values. The couple takes turns answering questions, and the guests enjoy watching their responses and learning more about the couple’s relationship.

13. He said she said

The “He Said, She Said” game is a playful bridal shower activity where guests try to guess who said certain statements or phrases, either the bride or the groom. The host reads out a series of quotes related to the couple’s relationship or personalities, and the guests must decide whether each statement was spoken by the bride or the groom. It’s a lighthearted way to test how well the guests know the couple and adds a fun element to the celebration.

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