Hosting a bridal shower can be a big task. It is easy to get overwhelmed with all the things you need to do and when by.

But don’t worry I got you!

I have put together a list of all the things you need to do to plan the perfect bridal shower. This list is a rough guide. Things and timings will depend on what you have planned. You are best creating your own bridal shower timeline and checklist so you can make sure you don’t miss anything.

bridal shower checklist

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Bridal Shower Planning Timeline

12 – 8 Weeks Before the Bridal Shower

☐ Determine the date and time of the bridal shower, consulting with the bride and important guests.

☐ Set a budget for the event.

☐ Decide on the guest list in collaboration with the bride.

☐ Choose a venue or decide if the shower will be hosted at someone’s home.

☐ Select a theme (if desired) and brainstorm ideas for decorations and activities.

☐ Reach out to potential co-hosts or helpers, if needed.

☐ Start gathering contact information for the guests.

8 – 6 Weeks Before the Bridal Shower

☐ Send out save-the-date notifications to the guests.

☐ Finalize the venue booking or make arrangements for hosting at a home.

☐ Purchase or create invitations that match the chosen theme.

☐ Create a detailed schedule for the bridal shower, including activities, games, and gift openings.

☐ Begin planning the menu, considering the bride’s preferences and any dietary restrictions of the guests. ☐ Plan and purchase or order decorations, centrepieces, and any other supplies needed.

☐ Start researching and booking any necessary vendors, such as caterers or rental companies.

6- 4 Weeks Before the Bridal Shower

☐ Send out formal invitations to the guests, including all necessary details and RSVP information.

☐ Follow up with any guests who haven’t responded to the invitations.

☐ Confirm the menu and make any necessary adjustments.

☐ Purchase or order any party favors or special gifts for the guests.

☐ Plan and prepare any games or activities, ensuring you have all the necessary supplies.

☐ Coordinate with any co-hosts or helpers, assigning tasks and responsibilities.


2 -1 Week Before the Bridal Shower

☐ Confirm the final guest count and make any adjustments to the venue or catering.

☐ Double-check all the necessary supplies, including decorations, utensils, and serving dishes.

☐ Confirm any deliveries or pickups from vendors.

☐ Prepare a final schedule for the bridal shower, ensuring it accommodates the planned activities and allows for flexibility.

☐ Contact any guests who haven’t RSVPed to confirm their attendance.

☐ Delegate any last-minute tasks to co-hosts or helpers.

Day of the Bridal Shower

☐ Set up the venue or decorate the designated area according to the chosen theme.

☐ Set up tables, chairs, and any necessary audiovisual equipment.

☐ Arrange the food and beverage stations.

☐ Set up a designated area for gifts and a space for the bride to open them.

☐ Ensure all necessary supplies, such as plates, napkins, and utensils, are readily available.

☐ Greet and welcome guests as they arrive.

☐ Follow the planned schedule, facilitating activities, games, and gift openings.

☐ Take photos or designate someone to capture memorable moments throughout the event.

☐ Clean up and pack away decorations, ensuring the venue or home is left in good condition.

After the Bridal Shower

☐ Send thank-you notes to the guests, expressing gratitude for their attendance and any gifts received.

☐ Share any photos or memories from the bridal shower with the bride and guests.

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