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Knowing what to write in an invitation can leave you stumped!

It doesn’t need to be complicated, yes you can go all formal and follow the rules. But really, all you need to make sure is that you include all the key details.

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What to include in a bridal shower invite

Here are some key details to consider:

  1. Header:
    • Start with a catchy or elegant header that sets the tone for the event, such as “You’re Invited!” or “Join us for a Bridal Shower Celebration.”
  2. Honoree’s Name:
    • Begin the invitation by mentioning the name of the bride-to-be or the couple (if it’s a co-ed shower) to make it clear who the event is for.
  3. Event Details:
    • Date: Include the date of the bridal shower.
    • Time: Specify the start time and, if applicable, the end time.
    • Venue: Mention the name and address of the venue where the bridal shower will take place.
    • Theme (if applicable): If the shower has a specific theme, mention it here.
    • Dress Code (if applicable): Indicate if there’s a specific dress code, such as casual, formal, or themed attire.
  4. RSVP Information:
    • Provide a deadline for guests to RSVP by and include the name and contact information of the person to whom they should respond. This can be an email address, phone number, or an RSVP card.
  5. Gift Registry (optional):
    • If the bride has a gift registry, include the relevant information, such as the store name or website, to assist guests in choosing a gift.
  6. Additional Instructions (if necessary):
    • If there are any special instructions or requests, such as bringing a dish for a potluck-style shower or bringing a recipe for a recipe-themed shower, mention them here.
  7. Closing:
    • Conclude the invitation with a warm closing, such as “We look forward to celebrating with you!” or “Your presence is requested to honor the bride-to-be.”
  8. Sender Information:
    • Sign off with the host’s name(s) or the person(s) responsible for organizing the shower.

Remember to use appropriate language and tone that reflects the style and formality of the event. You can get creative with the design and layout of the invitation to match the theme or the bride’s personality.

Overall, the invitation should clearly convey the essential details of the bridal shower and create excitement for the upcoming celebration.

Example of a formal invite

You’re Cordially Invited to a Bridal Shower

Honoring Sarah Thompson before her special day

Date: Saturday, September 10th, 2023 Time: 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM Venue: The Grand Ballroom at The Regency Hotel Address: 123 Main Street, Cityville Dress Code: Black Tie/Formal Attire

Kindly RSVP by August 30th, 2023 RSVP to Jennifer Parker at or (555) 123-4567

Gift Registry: Sarah is registered at Luxe Home Decor and Bloomingdale’s.

We look forward to your presence at this joyous occasion as we celebrate the bride-to-be.

Hosted by the Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids: Jennifer Parker, Emily Johnson, Lily Adams

For any inquiries, please contact Jennifer at (555) 123-4567 or”

Example for a modern bridal shower invite wording

You’re invited!

To Sarah’s Bridal shower

Date: Saturday, September 10th, 2023 Time: 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM Venue: The Loft Event Space Address: 456 Oak Street, Cityville

Attire: Casual and Comfortable

Please RSVP by August 30th, 2023 RSVP to Emily Johnson at or (555) 987-6543

No Gift Registry: Your presence is the only gift we need!

We can’t wait to spend this special time together, enjoying good company, delicious treats, and creating lasting memories.

Hosted by: Emily Johnson, Jennifer Parker, Lily Adams (Bridal Squad)

For any questions or additional information, please reach out to Emily at (555) 987-6543 or”

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Creating and managing a guest list for your bridal shower can seem daunting, but with proper organization and communication, it can be a manageable task.

Planning a bridal shower is a big task. It can be overwhelming but if you are organized you got this. I have all the resources you could ever need to plan the perfect bridal shower.

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Creating a bridal shower guest list in 10 easy steps

1. Start with the Basics

Begin by listing the names of your closest family members and friends who you definitely want to invite. This core group will form the foundation of your guest list.

2. Discuss with Your Partner or the couple

If you are hosting it for the couple make sure they always have the last say on the guest list.

If you are hosting and your partner is involved in the wedding planning process, consult with them to ensure you include any mutual friends or family members on the guest list. Their input is valuable and helps create a balanced list.

3. Consider Hosting Constraints

Determine the maximum capacity of your chosen venue and consider any limitations or constraints it may have. This will help you establish an approximate number of guests you can invite.

4. Categorize Guests

Divide your guest list into different categories such as family, close friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. This will help you prioritize and make decisions about who to invite.

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5. Set Guest Count Limits

Determine the maximum number of guests you can comfortably accommodate within your budget and venue limitations. This will help you make necessary cuts if your initial list exceeds the capacity.

6. Utilize a Spreadsheet or Guest List Manager

Use a spreadsheet or a guest list management tool to keep track of your guests’ names, contact information, RSVP status, and any specific notes or dietary restrictions. This will help you stay organized and easily update information as needed.

It can be as simple as this one below that you update yourself. You can set up an online RSVP system. Our grab my guestlist spreadsheet for a stylish-looking spreadsheet.

Full NameRelationshipAddressEmailPhoneRSVP StatusDietary PreferenceFood ChoiceEvent Choice

7. Send Out Invitations Early

Send out your bridal shower invitations well in advance, preferably 12-8 weeks before the event. This gives guests enough time to RSVP and allows you to follow up with those who haven’t responded.

8. Keep Track of RSVPs

Regularly check and update your guest list based on the RSVPs you receive. Follow up with guests who haven’t responded by the designated RSVP deadline to get a final headcount.

9. Communication is Key

Maintain clear and open communication with your guests. Provide clear instructions for RSVPing, include a contact person’s name and email/phone number, and promptly respond to any questions or inquiries.

Be Prepared for Changes: Understand that there may be changes to your guest list due to unexpected circumstances or last-minute cancellations. Be flexible and prepared to adapt accordingly.

10. Follow Up and Send Thank You Notes

After the bridal shower, express your gratitude to your guests by sending out thank you notes. This small gesture of appreciation goes a long way in maintaining good relationships with your loved ones.

Remember, the guest list is a personal choice, and it’s important to invite those who are significant to you and who will contribute positively to the celebration. Be mindful of your budget, venue capacity, and overall vision for the bridal shower. With proper organization and timely communication, you can successfully manage your guest list and create a memorable event for everyone involved.

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I get asked questions all the time about itineraries, timelines and order of the day, for both weddings and bridal showers.

The thing is, it totally depends on what you have planned for the day. No two events will ever be the same. But as I get asked this all the time I have put together an example of a standard bridal shower schedule.

You are best creating your own itinerary though with an editable template or your own. My top tip is to overestimate everything, I mean everything! That way when one thing does go over, cause it will, your whole event isn’t messed up.

free bridal shower itinerary template


Here’s an example of a typical on the day schedule for a bridal shower:

  1. Arrival and Welcome (Duration: 30 minutes)
    • Greet guests as they arrive.
    • Offer them a welcome drink or refreshments.
    • Provide name tags or a seating chart if necessary.
  2. Ice Breaker Activity (Duration: 30-60 minutes)
    • Start the event with an icebreaker activity to get guests mingling and comfortable.
    • This can be a game, a short introduction session, or a fun conversation starter.
  3. Food and Refreshments (Duration: 60-90 minutes)
    • Serve the main course, buffet-style meal, or finger foods, depending on your chosen catering option.
    • Ensure dietary restrictions and preferences are considered.
    • Provide a variety of beverages, including non-alcoholic options.
  4. Gift Opening (Duration: 30-45 minutes)
    • Begin the gift-opening session, where the bride-to-be opens the gifts in front of the guests.
    • Allow time for each gift to be acknowledged, appreciated, and briefly discussed.
  5. Games and Activities (Duration: 45-90 minutes)
    • Plan a few interactive games or activities to keep the guests entertained and engaged.
    • These can include trivia, advice-sharing, or a personalized quiz about the bride and groom.
  6. Dessert and Sweet Treats (Duration: 30-60 minutes)
    • Offer a selection of desserts, such as cake, cupcakes, cookies, or a dessert bar.
    • Allow guests to indulge and enjoy sweet treats while socializing.
  7. Toasts and Speeches (Duration: 20-30 minutes)
    • Allocate a brief period for toasts and speeches.
    • Close family members or close friends can share heartfelt wishes and words of encouragement for the bride-to-be.
  8. Open Networking and Conversations (Duration: 30-45 minutes)
    • Provide time for guests to mingle, chat, and connect with each other.
    • Encourage conversations and foster a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.
  9. Closing Remarks and Thank You (Duration: 5-10 minutes)
    • Offer closing remarks, thank guests for attending, and express appreciation for their presence and gifts.
    • Extend gratitude to those who helped organize the event.
    • Share any final announcements or reminders, such as upcoming wedding-related events.

Remember, the durations mentioned above are approximate and can be adjusted based on your specific preferences, the number of guests, and the activities you have planned.

It’s important to maintain a good flow throughout the event and ensure that everyone feels included and engaged.

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Creating your own on-the-day schedule for your bridal shower

This allows you to customize the event to your preferences and ensure a smooth flow of activities. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you create your own schedule:

  • Determine the Event Duration: Decide on the total duration you want for your bridal shower. Consider factors such as the number of guests, the activities you want to include, and the overall atmosphere you envision.
  • Define Key Activities: Make a list of the key activities you want to incorporate into your bridal shower. This may include gift openings, games, food and refreshments, toasts, and any special moments or surprises you have in mind.
  • Allocate Time for Each Activity: Estimate the time needed for each activity. Consider the number of guests, the complexity of the activity, and the desired level of engagement. Be mindful of not cramming too many activities into a short timeframe, as it may feel rushed.
  • Consider Transitions: Allow for smooth transitions between activities. Leave some buffer time between activities to account for guests moving between spaces, refilling their drinks, or using restroom facilities. This helps maintain a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.
  • Balance Energy Levels: Consider the energy levels throughout the event. Alternate between lively activities and more relaxed moments to keep the guests engaged and avoid fatigue. For example, you could have interactive games followed by a seated meal or conversational activities.
  • Incorporate Personal Touches: Infuse your personality and preferences into the schedule. Include any specific traditions, sentimental moments, or personalized touches that are meaningful to you. This could be a special dance, a slideshow, or a surprise element that reflects your relationship or shared experiences.
  • Communicate with Key Participants: Discuss the schedule with your maid of honor, bridesmaids, or anyone else involved in organizing the bridal shower. Get their input, share your vision, and consider their suggestions. Ensure everyone is on the same page and understands their roles in executing the schedule.
  • Be Flexible: While it’s important to have a schedule, remember to be flexible. Allow for adjustments and be open to spontaneous moments or changes that may arise during the event. The schedule serves as a guide, but don’t be afraid to adapt it to ensure everyone is enjoying themselves.
  • Test Run and Rehearsal: If possible, do a test run or rehearsal of the event flow. Walk through the schedule and make adjustments as needed. This can help identify any potential issues or bottlenecks and allow for smooth execution on the actual day.
  • Communicate the Schedule: Share the finalized schedule with the key participants, such as the venue staff, caterers, and any hired professionals or entertainers. Ensure everyone involved is aware of the timing and sequence of activities to ensure a coordinated event. Send out an order of event to guests or have it available on the day.

Remember, the schedule should reflect your vision and preferences for your bridal shower. Don’t hesitate to make adjustments along the way to create the perfect atmosphere and experience for you and your guests. Enjoy the process of planning and personalizing your bridal shower!

free bridal shower itinerary template


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When it comes to choosing a venue for your bridal shower, there are various options to consider. The venue you select should align with your desired atmosphere, guest count, budget, and personal preferences.

sage and white table styling

9 venues to host a bridal shower

1. Private Residence

Consider hosting the bridal shower at your own home or the home of a close friend or family member. This option provides a cozy and intimate setting, and you have more control over the ambiance and decorations. It can be a cost-effective choice as well.

2. Hire an Airbnb

If you don’t want to use your own home then it is becoming more popular now to hire a nice home for the day or night.

You can hire it for a few days so you can go all out with the setup. It takes away the stress of having the event at home, if you know, you know!

3. Restaurant or Café

Many restaurants and cafes offer private event spaces or party rooms that can be reserved for bridal showers. Look for venues that match your preferred style, whether it’s a casual brunch spot, a trendy eatery, or an elegant dining establishment. Check if they have packages specifically designed for bridal showers.

a colorful table set up in an outdoor barn venue

4. Garden or Outdoor Venue

If you prefer an outdoor celebration, consider hosting your bridal shower in a beautiful garden, park, or outdoor event space. This option provides a natural and scenic backdrop, especially during the warmer months. Make sure to have a backup plan in case of inclement weather.

5. Community Centers or Clubhouses

Check out local community centers or clubhouses that often have event spaces available for rental. These venues usually offer versatile spaces that can be customized to fit your bridal shower needs. They may provide amenities like kitchen facilities and ample parking.

6. Tea Room or Afternoon Tea Venue

For a classic and elegant experience, consider hosting your bridal shower at a tea room or a venue that specializes in afternoon tea. This option is perfect for an intimate gathering and offers a sophisticated atmosphere.

table set up in boutique hotel

7. Boutique Hotel or Inn

Boutique hotels and inns often have private event spaces suitable for bridal showers. These venues can provide a charming and intimate ambiance, along with catering options and accommodations for out-of-town guests if needed.

8. Country Club or Banquet Hall

If you’re planning a larger bridal shower or desire a more formal setting, consider a country club or banquet hall. These venues offer ample space, elegant decor, and professional event staff to assist with planning and execution.

hexagon arch set up in an industrial venue

9. Unique and Unconventional Venues

Get creative and think outside the box! Consider venues such as art galleries, museums, vineyards, historic sites, or even a yacht or boat charter. These unique venues can add a touch of novelty and create a memorable experience for your guests.

When choosing a venue, consider factors such as capacity, location, amenities, cost, and the overall vibe you want to create. Visit the venues, ask for recommendations, and review their policies and packages to ensure they align with your vision for the bridal shower.

Top tips for choosing the right venue for you

Choosing the right venue for your bridal shower is an important decision that sets the tone for the event. Here are some top tips to consider when selecting a venue:

  • Determine Your Budget: Before you start looking at venues, establish a clear budget for your bridal shower. This will help you narrow down your options and ensure you select a venue that fits within your financial means. Remember to account for other expenses, such as decorations, food, and any additional services or rentals.
  • Consider the Guest Count: Make an estimate of the number of guests you plan to invite to the bridal shower. Ensure the venue can comfortably accommodate your expected guest count. You don’t want the space to feel too crowded or too empty. Consider if the venue has minimum or maximum capacity requirements.
  • Determine the Atmosphere and Style: Think about the atmosphere and style you envision for your bridal shower. Do you want it to be intimate and cozy, or grand and elegant? Consider the venue’s interior design, decor, and overall ambiance. Ensure it aligns with your desired theme and matches your personal style.
  • Location and Accessibility: Choose a venue that is conveniently located for your guests, considering factors like travel time, parking availability, and public transportation options. If some guests are traveling from out of town, proximity to accommodations may also be a factor to consider.
  • Amenities and Services: Evaluate the amenities and services offered by the venue. Consider if they provide tables, chairs, linens, audiovisual equipment, or other necessities. Determine if they have in-house catering options or allow you to bring in outside catering. Check if they have a kitchen or food preparation area if needed.
  • Flexibility and Customization: Assess the level of flexibility and customization the venue allows. Can you bring in your own decorations, or are there restrictions? Determine if you have the freedom to personalize the space to reflect your vision for the bridal shower.
  • Reviews and Recommendations: Research the reputation and reviews of the venue. Look for testimonials from previous clients or ask for recommendations from friends, family, or wedding professionals. This can give you insights into the venue’s quality of service, responsiveness, and overall customer satisfaction.
  • Visit the Venue: Schedule a site visit to the shortlisted venues. This will give you a firsthand look at the space, allowing you to assess its size, layout, cleanliness, and overall condition. It also gives you an opportunity to ask questions, discuss specific requirements, and get a sense of the venue’s staff and professionalism.
  • Read the Contract: Carefully review the venue’s contract and policies before making a final decision. Pay attention to details such as pricing, deposit requirements, cancellation policies, and any additional fees or restrictions. Ensure you fully understand the terms and conditions before signing.

Remember, choosing the right venue is crucial for creating the desired atmosphere and ensuring a memorable bridal shower experience. Take your time, compare options, and select a venue that aligns with your vision and meets your practical needs.

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A bridal shower and a bachelorette party are both pre-wedding celebrations, but they have distinct purposes and differences in terms of their focus, activities, and guest lists.

We have you covered with our complete in-depth planning guides for both bridal showers and bachelorettes.

Here’s a breakdown of the key differences between the two:

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Bridal shower vs bachelorette

Bridal Shower:

  • Purpose: The primary purpose of a bridal shower is to “shower” the bride with gifts, well wishes, and advice for her upcoming marriage.
  • Guests: The guest list for a bridal shower typically includes close female friends, family members, and sometimes female relatives of the groom. It is a more inclusive event that may involve women of different age groups and generations.
  • Activities: Bridal showers often include activities and games that center around the bride. These activities can be interactive, trivia-based, or advice-sharing sessions. There is a focus on celebrating the bride and providing her with support and guidance.
  • Tone: Bridal showers tend to have a more relaxed and intimate atmosphere. They are often held during the day and can include a sit-down meal, afternoon tea, or brunch. The focus is on conversation, connection, and honoring the bride.

Bachelorette Party:

  • Purpose: The purpose of a bachelorette party is to celebrate the bride-to-be’s last days of being single and to have a fun and memorable night or weekend with her closest friends.
  • Guests: Bachelorette parties typically include the bride’s closest friends, usually the bridal party and other close female friends. It is more of a close-knit gathering, and the guest list is usually limited to a specific group of friends.
  • Activities: Bachelorette parties often involve a night out on the town, weekend getaways, or special activities such as spa days, karaoke, or dance classes. The focus is on enjoying memorable experiences together and having fun.
  • Tone: Bachelorette parties tend to have a more lively and party-oriented atmosphere. They often take place in the evening or night and can involve going to bars, and clubs, or engaging in activities that cater to the bride’s interests and preferences.

While there can be some overlap in terms of guests and activities, the main distinction lies in the purpose and overall tone of the events. Bridal showers focus on gift-giving, support, and advice for the bride, while bachelorette parties are centered around celebrating the bride’s upcoming marriage with a fun and memorable night or weekend with close friends.

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Which one is right for you, bridal shower or bachelorette?

Deciding between a bridal shower and a bachelorette party ultimately depends on your personal preferences, the type of celebration you envision, and the dynamics of your relationships with friends and family. Here are some factors to consider when making a decision:

  1. Purpose: Think about what you value most in a pre-wedding celebration. If you appreciate the idea of receiving gifts, well wishes, and advice from a wider circle of female friends and family members, a bridal shower may be a good fit. On the other hand, if you prioritize having a fun-filled night or weekend with your closest friends and creating lasting memories, a bachelorette party might be more suitable.
  2. Guest List: Consider the people you would like to include in the celebration. If you have a close-knit group of friends or a specific set of bridesmaids who are instrumental in your life, a bachelorette party could provide an opportunity to bond and enjoy a more intimate gathering. If you want to involve a broader range of female friends, family members, or even colleagues, a bridal shower may be a better choice.
  3. Atmosphere and Activities: Reflect on the type of atmosphere and activities that appeal to you. If you prefer a relaxed and intimate setting, perhaps with a sit-down meal or afternoon tea, where you can engage in conversations and enjoy games focused on your journey to marriage, a bridal shower might be ideal. If you envision a livelier and more adventurous celebration, such as a night out on the town, a spa day, or a destination weekend, a bachelorette party could be more suited to your preferences.
  4. Time and Logistics: Consider the practical aspects, such as timing and logistics. Determine how much time and resources you and your friends are willing and able to dedicate to the event. If you have limited time or are planning a destination wedding, a bachelorette party may be more manageable. If you have more time and want to include a broader group of people, a bridal shower can be a flexible and inclusive option.
  5. Communication with Loved Ones: Discuss your thoughts and preferences with your bridesmaids, maid of honor, and close friends or family members who may be involved in planning or hosting the event. Their insights and input can help you make a decision that aligns with your desires while considering their abilities and availability.

Remember, there is no right or wrong choice. It’s about selecting the celebration that resonates most with your personality, preferences, and the dynamics of your relationships. You can also consider combining elements of both celebrations or having separate events if that aligns with your vision and circumstances.

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Having both a bridal shower and bachelorette

If you desire to have both a bridal shower and a bachelorette party, it is absolutely possible to plan and incorporate both celebrations into your pre-wedding festivities.

I would offer to host one yourself or at least have two different people be the host of each one. It is a big task to organize one event, let alone two.

Here’s how you can make it work:

  1. Communicate your wishes: Discuss your desire to have both celebrations with your bridesmaids, maid of honor, and close friends or family members involved in the planning process. Let them know that you would like to have both a bridal shower and a bachelorette party and explain your reasons for wanting both events.
  2. Determine the timing: Decide on the timing of each event. You can choose to have the bridal shower a few weeks or months before the wedding to allow for the traditional gift-giving and well wishes. The bachelorette party can take place closer to the wedding, such as a week or a few days before, to create a fun and memorable experience leading up to the big day.
  3. Delegate responsibilities: Assign specific responsibilities and tasks to different individuals involved in the planning process. This could include designating one person or group to organize the bridal shower and another person or group to handle the bachelorette party arrangements. Clearly communicate expectations, budget considerations, and any preferences you have for each event.
  4. Consider combining elements: While the two events have distinct purposes and atmospheres, you can still find ways to incorporate elements that overlap. For example, you could have some light-hearted games or activities at the bridal shower to add an element of fun, or you could have a moment during the bachelorette party where guests can offer advice or well wishes to you.
  5. Manage guest lists: Determine the guest lists for each event based on the purpose and dynamics of the celebrations. The bridal shower guest list can include a broader range of female friends and family members, while the bachelorette party guest list can consist of your closest friends and bridesmaids. However, there may be some overlap in the guest lists, so ensure proper communication to avoid any confusion.
  6. Plan logistics and budgets accordingly: Coordinate with the respective organizers to plan the logistics and budgets for each event separately. This will help ensure that the arrangements and finances are appropriately managed for each celebration.

Remember, the key is open communication and collaboration with those involved in the planning process. By expressing your desire for both a bridal shower and a bachelorette party and working together to make it happen, you can have the best of both worlds and create memorable experiences leading up to your wedding day.

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A bridal shower is a pre-wedding celebration or party typically held for the bride to be before her wedding day. It is an opportunity for close friends and family members to come together and “shower” the bride with gifts, well wishes, and advice for her upcoming marriage.

Traditionally, the bridal shower is organized and hosted by the maid of honor or close female relatives of the bride. However, nowadays, anyone close to the bride, including family members, friends, or even colleagues, can take on the role of organizing and hosting the event.

white and sage green table set up

What happens at a bridal shower

During a bridal shower, guests often participate in various activities and games that are centered around the bride. These activities can include trivia games about the couple, guessing games, or other interactive activities that bring fun and laughter to the event.

Bridal showers are an opportunity for the bride and her loved ones to celebrate and share in the excitement leading up to the wedding day. They often feature decorations, food, and drinks. The specific format and theme of a bridal shower can vary depending on cultural traditions, personal preferences, and the overall style of the event.

Who pays for a bridal shower?

Traditionally, the maid of honor or the bridesmaids would cover the expenses for planning and hosting the bridal shower.

However, in recent times, financial responsibilities have become more flexible and can vary depending on various factors, including cultural norms, relationships, and the preferences of those involved.

How to plan a bridal shower

Discuss with the bride

Your first step should always be to talk to the bride. Ask her about her preferences, expectations, and any specific ideas she may have for the shower. Discuss the guest list, date, theme (if desired), and any particular activities or games she would like to include.

Set a budget

Determine the budget for the bridal shower. This will help you make decisions regarding the venue, decorations, food, and other elements of the event.

If you are the host and covering cost this is easier to decide. If you are all pitching in then make sure you speak to everyone and at least get a rough idea of budgets.

Choose a date and time

Coordinate with the bride and select a date and time that works for her and most of the important guests. Aim to schedule the shower a few weeks to a couple of months before the wedding, allowing ample time for preparations and RSVPs.

Create a guest list

Work with the bride to create a guest list based on her preferences. Consider inviting close friends, family members, and other individuals important to the bride’s life. Coordinate with the bride to collect the necessary contact information for the guests.

pressed flower cake with pressed flower treats on table

Select a venue

Determine the location for the bridal shower. It can be hosted at someone’s home, a rented event space, a restaurant, or any other suitable location based on the budget and the number of guests.

Choose a theme or style

If the bride desires a specific theme for the bridal shower, brainstorm ideas together and choose a theme that reflects her interests and personality. The theme can influence the decorations, invitations, and activities at the shower.

Choosing an overall style or theme is really important to have a cohesive event. It helps let guests know what to wear and expect and makes decorating and styling easier.

Send invitations

Create and send out invitations to the guests. You can choose to send traditional physical invitations or use digital platforms to send electronic invitations. Make sure to include the date, time, location, RSVP details, and any special instructions or requests.

A top tip is to set up a WhatsApp group for everyone or at least the key members so you can chat about any decisions easily.

feast of food lied out for a fancy buffet

Plan the menu

Decide if you want a sit-down meal, a buffet, or a more casual setup. Consider people’s dietary preferences and any potential food allergies or restrictions of the guests.

A bridal shower brunch is always a big hit. I love the pizza and prosecco theme, super easy to get pizzas and everyone likes pizza, right?

Organize activities and games

Plan some engaging activities and games for the guests to enjoy during the shower. This can include icebreaker games, trivia about the couple, advice-sharing sessions, or other interactive activities related to the bride or the wedding.

I have put together a list of ideas for games that people actually want to play!

Decorations and Styling

The fun part! Well, my favorite anyway!

Select decorations that will enhance the overall atmosphere of the event. This can include table centerpieces, balloons, banners, flowers, and any other decorative elements that align with the chosen theme or color scheme.

seed favors

Gifts and Favours

Discuss with the bride if she wants a gift registry or any specific instructions regarding gifts. Inform the guests about any gift preferences or suggestions in the invitations.

Consider what favors you will have for the guests attending. You can do small edible gifts or go all out with gift bags.

Plan the schedule

Create a detailed schedule for the bridal shower, including the timing of activities, gift opening, and any speeches or toasts. Make sure to allocate enough time for each segment while allowing room for flexibility and mingling.

Giving guests a brief timeline is helpful to things running smoothly. You can send this digitally, print if off or have it as a big sign.

Coordinate logistics

Take care of logistical aspects such as renting the venue, arranging for seating, audiovisual equipment (if needed), and ensuring any necessary permits or permissions are obtained.

This is when a planner comes in super useful. Having all the times, and supplier contact details in one place makes any event run smoothly.

Confirm RSVPs and finalize details

Keep track of guest RSVPs and communicate with the venue, vendors, and any individuals involved to confirm arrangements and finalize details.

If you have a big event with a large guest list I would have an online RSVP system if possible. If not keep a spreadsheet yourself that can be easily shared.

Execute the plan

On the day of the bridal shower, set up the venue according to the chosen theme and ensure everything is in place. Coordinate with any helpers or volunteers, greet the guests, and ensure the flow of the event follows the planned schedule.