weekly planning theme days

This blog talks about my weekly planning schedule

Weekly planning blog, never a blog I thought I would write about. I am not the most organised, following a schedule just feels restrictive to me. My fellow creatives will understand. But I am also very self-aware and I know my strengthens and weaknesses. So, with this in mind, I always made being organised and scheduling a priority. It doesn’t come naturally so it is something I have to work on weekly, daily!

When I think about it now (hindsight) I just wonder why this didn’t click earlier. I think as the communities I was in and any courses I did I was always told TIMEBLOCK, TIMEBLOCK, TIMEBLOCK! The wonderful stories about how productive people are now they started time blocking hooked me in big time. I would be so good for a few days or even weeks sometimes. But then it would go! One phone call, an unexpected issue would throw me off all day. Also, a lot of the time I would get to the end of the day with a little bit of each thing done. Feeling so unproductive, stressed and with a bigger list for the next day!

I figured there had to be a better way, surely being productive must be easier!

And wow did I find it! My new weekly planning schedule saved me stress and gave me back time! I am guessing I read about this idea somewhere, really not going to try and take credit. But the idea popped into my head that for now while I research I will do one thing a day. So marketing one-day blogs another etc. I will break this down properly below don’t worry. From my research, I soon realised this is a thing for lots of creative entrepreneurs. The one article that really resonated with me was about how we can either have a Maker’s Schedule or a Manager’s schedule.

It talks about how we are taught to have a schedule like a manager from a young age with school and work. Scheduling hours, meetings working with hour slots. The thing with creative people who have creative tasks to complete is that they take longer than an hour and actually being focused for longer than an hour is more than possible when doing something creative. Also, how some people just have this creative mindset and like me, a call, a meeting in the middle of the day just throws me off. Bad or good news unexpectedly usually even throws me off as my focus just goes!

My best business move!

I honestly believe changing my weekly schedule was the best business move I ever made! I will have to adapt this as I go with more wedding meetings and life getting back to normal. But I will always keep a similar structure, especially for my creative days. So it is a similar idea to batching your workload. This is batching but also themed days.

The tool I use for this is asana. I use to have a paper diary and I do still use pads for note jotting but sharing a business and hiring people asana is for me the best tool to plan. I have a board for each month and tasks for each week and work through them on a coordinating day.

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So here is my weekly planning schedule

Monday Marketing:

I try to also focus on 1 or two platforms also. So I will do a whole day of Pinterest. This means I can usually get a full month of pins for all 3 websites. I do between 5 to 10 pins a day for each site. Easier for Urban as this has older content to repin.

Or I will do Instagram and Facebook. Again try to schedule a full 1/2 weeks for Instagram and usually I can get a month of Facebook done. At the moment my content is being made only a week or 2 ahead. I am in the process of getting 2/3 months ahead so planning and scheduling Instagram and Facebook will be easier to batch.

Tuesday Blogs and SEO:

I know blogging is technically marketing also. But writing blogs to me is more creative and I need to be in the mood and flow. When writing a weekly blog was on my to-do list I would always put it off and find ‘more important things’ to do instead. I would say blog writing and me actually falling in love with the process is all down to this batch daily working. Giving myself an hour to write a blog is just to stressful. The number of times I start my Tuesday and I just start writing and the first blog may never make the cut. but once in the flow I then write good quality content and can batch out 3/4 blogs. Some days only one if a big one.

I also break up days into research days. Days where I just go back over old blogs for urban. Updating content, SEO etc. Some days it is all SEO, research for key words, updating seasonal content for key words and optimizing sites.

Wednesday Weddings

This is when I work on weddings. When back to normal I will book clients in for meetings and consultations. Right now things are little different and I am using the day to streamline my client onboarding. Working on client experience and how to make this feel more personal and higher end. While at the same time not taking a large chunk of my time.

I schedule calls for this day with my couple when possible. I work on couples design briefs. Research suppliers and supplies. I also do design training on these days. I love to be always doing some sort of learning, whether it be business, SEO or design.

Thursday digital products

I work on creating digital products and updating Etsy. Again I break this up so one week I will work on designing and then next week on mockups. Then uploading on to Etsy or website. I have just hired a VA so I can focus more on the design side of things and she does all the uploading for me.

I am working on a wedding and event design course at the moment. Slow progress as I want it to be perfect and cover everything but I also use Thursdays for this.

Friday free day

I leave Friday open for meetings. To catch up with any bits needed in the week I didn’t finish in the week. It is also great for when things pop up I wasn’t expecting I know I can get it sorted on Friday. I also use Friday for filming youtube videos if needed. Or content creation for socials.

I like to keep it open as much as possible and not make my workload to big on a Friday. That way I can hopefully be done earlier afternoon ready for the weekend ahead. We also loan a horse so I have to be done to go see Archie.


If I don’t have a wedding I will have the day off. I sometimes also film on Saturdays. Sometimes I am not in the mood to film on Friday or I have some left to film of that week’s video. If I am working I try to do it early and be done by 12 at the latest. I am getting better at taking time off, workaholic over here!


Again another mainly day off. I look over my week and add any important bits to do that week on each day. Also, I like to learn on Sundays so will do some reading, watch a webinar etc. I usually, listen to at least one podcast a day anyway and youtube on in the background with certain tasks. I am a big believer in learning and always developing my knowledge to help me grow as a person and business.

weekly planning theme days

Top tips for implementing this yourself

  • Really think about your weekly tasks and how to batch them together for a day
  • Remember you will have to be flexible. I don’t expect my couples to only have a meeting Wednesday or Friday, I will rearrange my day when needed. I try to do a meeting after 2 pm though as then I can get the bulk of work done before.
  • Review your days constantly and move around if needed. I sometimes change things up on Sunday for the week ahead.
  • Give yourself days off. Time for you and the things you enjoy. This is hard for me but the benefits are great.
  • Be strong! Say no, or I will do it then, the day you set. I use to struggle with boundaries and taking on too much. This has helped me so much with this.

Weekly planning

I hope you found this blog post useful. If you are struggling with scheduling your week or feel you are just not getting anything done. Give this a try and see how you get on! I think others think I sound a bit dramatic when talking about this but it has honestly changed my life! I would like to hear your thoughts, any scheduling tips you may have. Let me know in the comments below.

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weekly planning theme days
the price of a wedding stylist

So I think this is my most asked question! I can see why, I am not aware of anyone else who charges this way. Well, stylist/designer anyway in the UK. The price of a wedding stylist varies with each supplier. There are some in America, in particular, Sinclair and Moore who charge similarly. I took his training even though he is a florist. As I wanted to learn from someone who charged like me but at a much higher price bracket. I knew it was working for me and my couples but was it scalable as my business and pricing increased.

the price of a wedding stylist
Jade Maguire Photography


I actually decided to package this way on my own though. But why? Well, I was starting to fall out of love with my business already! It had only been a year! Now I knew there was more to this than just styling, don’t get me wrong! But I felt most of my time was spent sending out quotes per item, then a new quote to remove something. Then changing again, adding more, losing bits as the budget changed. An admin lovers dream I am sure! For me, it was sucking the joy out of it all!

As everything was focused on the items and their price the fact they got me styling or designing their day was usually forgotten. It was all about price and I had made it that way! The price of a wedding stylist covers much more than the price of the items.


So confession time! I spent a few months packaging my items up. Styling packages where you picked a theme and got all the styling bits you wanted. I reached out to suppliers to offer flowers, stationery and favours. But again it just wasn’t me! I was doing the opposite to my mission, my values and my passion for event design. I had literally made cookie-cutter packages! Yikes!!!!! I went down hill fast!

So I took some time I looked at my brand again. I looked at what I wanted personally in my future. I looked at why I started my business, what I wanted to offer and be known for! It was none of the above! I then walked through my client journey. I looked at the wedding planning process. I asked my couples and other couples. What do you find stressful? What is hard? What can I change?

It was pretty clear. My items are not what they are buying it is not what they are paying for. Yes, I carefully select them and have some of the most unique, luxury and eco friendly on the market. But I curated them, I spent the time sourcing, testing them.

They are buying me, my design knowledge, my unique style. My precious time, designing, styling amd sourcing items. In a sense the way I packaged my service before they paid for my items and got my time for free! Of course, included in the price but I am sure to most it came across as free. I understood then why I got price shoppers. Why people swapped and changed their items constantly! Why I felt undervalued!

Time for a change

So I changed my services. I charged for the most precious thing we all have, time! It is what I give my clients back with my service, time to enjoy their planning stress-free. No time wasted checking every little item they can afford as their budget changed.

My items come ‘free’ with my services as they are not what couples are paying for. They are paying for my experience, expertise and most importantly my time to design and style their wedding.

Ironically with this package it also freed up my time more. I was doing constant admin and stock checks. I am now given the freedom to get creative and design something that was personal and unique for my couples.

That was always my mission, my goals and always will be. This day is once in a lifetime for most. It should be a reflection of both your personalities. It should tell your love story, share a part of you with all your guest. Create a moment in time for you and your family and friends that you will remember for a lifetime.

That doesn’t come from counting the number of tealights ordered. It doesn’t come from me being restricted with my design based on budget or fear of looking like I am trying to overcharge with all the items I suggest.

For me, great design is in the details. When you are hiring item by item the little details are the ones that go first. It’s restrictive, stressful and joyless! My couples love the freedom and the time it gives them back. It gives them the space to think up unique personal items, decide and have the budget to spend on the extras like linens, glassware and candles.

winter wedding stylist
Caroline Goosey Photography

Frequently asked question!

Are there any restrictions?

Restrictions, so I do have a few. When I send a proposal it is on the understanding the scope of the wedding won’t change much. I charge a flat fee working out time and staff needed for the wedding described. This usually includes travel and expenses when possible. If no venue is booked this will be added after.

Also, for larger items, they are hired out to suppliers and sometimes couples. So these are only if available. If you have your heart set on a certain backdrop mention it when booking as we will let you know if free. We also hold any items we feel we may need for your wedding once the booking is confirmed. So this only affects if pre hired. Which normally hire items are not booked up till a few months before, so only happens on rare occasions.

So no other costs?

I do charge extra for some items. Which are not mine but I source and offer at cost price. Like linens, napkins, crockery and lighting. If ordering on a large scale we do recommend placing the order directly with the supplier though so they can deliver and set up.

But not for me or my items apart from the items mentioned above. Things like candles, bespoke or personalised items and any little one-time use items are not included. These can be sourced by us and bought by couples. Or we offer a shopping service for what I call the design details. We will source, shop and grab all those last-minute key elements to complete the design. This is offered for both styling and design couples.

Are florals included

These are not included but I can recommend florists to suit your style. With my design couples I will work with the florist to come up with the floral design elements. Styling I will work alongside a florist and can recommend if needed. If you just want a few floral elements this can be provided by us. Loose greenery or a few bud vases as extra details. The florals themselves we can source but the cost is not included in any package.

Are signs and stationery included?

I have been asked a few times if this includes on the day stationery. No, it doesn’t. For full design, we work closely with your stationery and design the on the day elements to work with and enhance the design. The stationery items themselves are not included.

We do have a selection of signs. These are standard signs. No personalisation included. But we do have a mix of acrylic and wood signs, table numbers and blank seating charts to add seating cards.

What if my wedding is small?

Normally the answer is it is the same price. We have had a booking as little as 15, pre-covid as well! As this service is best suited for a smaller wedding. Definitely 100 and under, more you will have to source items and have higher staff charges. We do throw in extra items and we can focus more on the little details and go all out with big insulations the smaller the numbers!

However, we have just realised a micro package. Weddings 40 guests and under. Normally we would charge our minimum fee and throw in a few extra items. Maybe lighting or some personalised signs. It also usually means we go all out. We have more time to work our magic so get even more wow factor.

But with covid, we know this isn’t really your choice. Or you may just now love the idea of a micro wedding! So for now, possibly forever. We are offering our styling packages for a crazy price of £849!!!! Say what!!!! This includes all items needed just like our normal package. For 2021 and 2022 weddings only and under 40 guests!

This won’t be like if paying full where we give free personalised signage or go all out as a smaller event. With the price lower you will receive all the items you need like someone booking with normal numbers. Travel and expense cost may apply. Get in contact to find out more!

More questions?

These are My top 5 most frequently asked questions. Head to here for the full FAQ and answers, I am always updating this as new ones come in. Or send us an email and we will answer any questions you may have!

I hope you found the price of a wedding stylist blog useful. If looking at a stylist for your wedding just remember to look for ones you connect with, whose style you love. Value their time and expertise over just the price of the wedding stylist.

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spring wedding flowers

Spring wedding color palettes. Spring, the season of new life! The world starts brightening up, lighter days and everyone has a spring in their step! Okay, a little corny! But for me also true, I start to feel better, and healthier and my mood lightens with spring.

So of course for me, a spring palette needs to be fun, playful, and colorful. But also light and refreshing. For this, we have to choose our colors, shades, and tones carefully to create the perfect spring color palette. Toning down colors works very well and is usually associated with pastel colors. You can have a bright colorful palette that still feels fresh as the colors are toned down.

Colour palette basics

So I like to break my palettes into 3 colors for most events. I have my base color which is the one used in 80/90% of the design. Then the main color is the color of the event or wedding. The color everyone remembers. You want to use this in pops though, not all over the space so it becomes overpowering. Remember with both of these colors you want to mix in different shades and tones. Don’t stick to the same exact color for every little item.

Then you have your accent color, usually a metal like gold, copper, or brass. This can definitely be a color also though. This I use to either tie the colors together or add contrast if needed. You will be surprised how much effect an accent color can have on the overall design.

You can of course add in a contrasting color or do a mix of colors. It really does depend on the overall design of the day. But for the majority of my weddings, we work with this style of the palette. If you are new to event design or designing your own then this is the easiest way to build a great palette. I think spring is a good time to mix it up though and really play with your color scheme and mix up the way you use your colors.

Head to my wedding color palette guide for everything you need to know about choosing your wedding colors.

Top 5 spring color palettes

spring yellow

Colour Palette 1

Pantone color of the year 2021, yellow and grey! Yellow is the perfect spring colour. In this palette, we included the light grey to work with Pantone colors, adding tints to draw it into white. Then the same with the yellow but deepening the shade of yellow heading into the mustard color you see above. The accent is gold, again to playing on using a mix of yellow shades and tones, you can think of gold and a metallic yellow in a way as it is so similar.

This is a perfect fresh yellow colour scheme. It works for spring and summer weddings. You can mix it up and change the base or accents or even the yellow shades to get it to work well in Autumn or winter.

pink and blue spring colours

Colour Palette 2

I love that this palette is modern, simple but packs the wow factor. Here you can swap the main colour to any colour and it will still give a cool modern feel. Yellow works well, it is a great way to do pink also but still have a modern feel.

spring berries

Colour Palette 3

I love this one for a spring palette. I think it is also a great example of how much changing the shade or tone of colour really affects its overall feel. Using lighter shades of purples and pinks gives a soft beautiful palette. Using the lighter grey as a base softens the feel even more and adds a little freshness, perfect for spring.

spring palette

Colour Palette 4

This palette is the perfect spring or summer red palette. The greens in the accent come from the greenery in the flowers. Crisps whites help the reds really pop. Giving a bright colourful and fresh palette. It is the perfect spring garden color palette.

Adding lighter reds will give a brighter, softer feel. Going with darker reds adds drama, and created a bold palette. It is definitely the palette for rose-loving couples! All you need is lots of greenery and all the shades of red roses and you have the perfect garden wedding style, any guest would be honoured to attend!

This is perfect for an outdoors wedding. Or if you want to create that garden feel indoors. Using pink and red roses as if natural growing around the venue gives a beautiful secret garden vibe. Here we have taken the red and adding more and more amounts of white lightens it to create our pinker shades.

pastel colours

Colour Palette 5

The perfect way to do a multicolour scheme in springtime! I love a modern pastel palette! It is a huge spring trend and I have seen some amazing shoots using this palette! Fun, bright and bold! You can really get creative, with modern floral designs it add a artistic modern playful feel to the day.

It is the perfect choice to use with another huge trend, curved shapes galore! I am loving the backdrops, stationery and everything curved! It add such a modern feel, gives the design a some fun but stylish elements. So I decided that this one will be the one I do some digital designs for.

Backdrop mock ups

With my full design clients, I love to focus on the detail of the design. I always do these mockups. Usually the table setting and any feature areas or focal points of the day. If I or my couples can’t envision a certain design these are how I show them and fine-tune the tiny details myself. Now, if I could draw I would but my creative skills never spilt into drawing skills!

So we are working with Palette 5. We have the overall moodboard, this is a quick design moodboard. My couples get one for each area plus a brief in their design plan.

A normal wedding mood board would be more in-depth than this. I still try not to include to many wedding shots. Flowers are okay but not completely styled looks. We want to be creating something unique not copying.

Spring wedding color palettes

I hope you found this blog useful and you are now full of spring wedding ideas. Remember to keep it simple with your base, main and accents. Use slightly different colors or shades to add depth and interest to your design.

Check out some more wedding design blogs.

mood board

Pinterest is a great marketing tool for a wedding or any creative business. It is also a tool to start creating a wedding mood board.

I am going to discuss how I use Pinterest as a wedding mood board. I use Aisle Planner for the main design process with my full design couples.

Usually I always also have a shared secret mood board. It is great to add things as we are both searching or something pops up. I love that you can add a note for others to see.

pinterest wedding moodboard

The right way to use Pinterest for a wedding mood board.

Now I think there is a right and wrong way to do a Pinterest board! I am sure others will disagree with me though!

The thing with Pinterest is it is easy to get sucked into beautiful weddings or shoot pictures. You then fill your boards with these. However, you are then just working on recreating someone else’s design. Use the sections option and get strict with what is going to be shared in each.

I am going to share my process and this can work for a wedding supplier to set up for a shoot or with couples. But also perfect for couples looking to design their own day like a pro.

Pinterest wedding mood board

I go into more detail in my mood board blog on how to create a great mood board.

The same principles apply here though. You need to look past weddings, past the item you are creating.

I allow my couples to bring 4/5 wedding pictures but I want them to bring my pictures that ignite feelings when doing a design consult.

Show the colors, textures, or feeling you want on the day. For Pinterest, though I have an inspiration section that I don’t limit. I find the inspiration section is a great place to photo-dump all the different things you like or that catch your eye.

wedding pinterest

Set the main Pinterest board into sections.

Here are the sections I add and the description or advice I use for each. I think this can work for any design or event. You can adapt and add sections that work for you. These are just ideas.

  • Colors – Search and add pictures of colors you like or know you want for your wedding. No wedding pictures. Look for pictures that include colors or show color tones, and shades you Like. Write a note if the picture needs explaining.
  • textures – add fabrics, and textures that you love or are drawn to.
  • stationery – add fonts and paper textures. try to limit the amount of wedding stationery
  • outfits – add all wedding party outfits you like or if decided add your chosen ones.
  • Flowers –
  • ceremony –
  • reception –
  • stationery –
  • inspiration – add wedding inspiration here. try to look past the setup or look and add pictures that make you feel the way you want your guest to feel.

Pinterest wedding mood board

I may set up new sections for different feature areas. Or if a certain supplier is a top priority to the couple they will be added and we will have a section for them.

As I use an Asile planner though this is usually shared through this instead and a new section is not needed.

I use this Pinterest board to break down the overall feel and design the client wants for the day. This is not what is shared with suppliers but at times I will add suppliers so they can contribute also.

I use this to help with getting to know my couple and questions at the meeting to then create an overall design. The design brief goes into detail about each area.

The design brief is then shared with all suppliers. As it is not an interactive process having a Pinterest mood board works well alongside this.

Using Pinterest as a wedding mood board

I hope you found this blog sharing how I use Pinterest as a wedding mood board! please let me know in the comment and any questions ask away! Here is a quick video of how to set up a board and sections on Pinterest.

feb monthly goals

Welcome to my Second monthly mood blog! February monthly goal setting is the second blog in my monthly goal blogs. Where I look at my goals and reflect on last month. If you just landed here is my 2021 goal setting blog.

Why I decided to do these blogs is to keep me accountable this year! I have some big goals this year and I have swapped my business model around so much. I know that I am great with the big goals, staying focused when driven. My issue is staying driven and accountable. So, here we are me making myself accountable!

I also hope these blogs help other wedding or creative business owners. With my blogs being a huge focus this year I have found blog income reports so helpful and inspiring. For me, motivation comes from seeing others achieve a similar goal to me. I hope you find this helpful and I would love for you to join in. Do your own 2021 goal setting blogs and make sure you link it in the comments I would love to read yours also!

It is also a great way for me to share what I am up to and loving this month. If you would prefer to receive these as a monthly email then sign up here!


Before I share my February monthly goal setting. lets first have a look at my quarterly goals. I have broken these down from the yearly goals I want to achieve.

Quarter goals

  • Weddings, for the first quarter I am really streamlining my client process. Making the experience feel even more personal and luxurious. Just like the weddings I design! Updating welcome packs, booking in monthly meetings or calls. Getting super organised and hoping no more cancellations or postponements. Linking back to goal 1 of fewer weddings but higher-end.
  • Have the toolkit ready and do a mini launch. 2 weekly bogs to push brand awareness. Goal 2
  • Keep working on SEO and Pinterest to reach 10k monthly views or more on urban. Get ready to apply for an ad company. Goal 3
  • 2 weekly blogs, Pinterest and Instagram content. Building my brand in the direction I am heading. Goal 4.
  • Repurpose my streamlining digital items for the Zoey Louise digital shop
  • Have 4/5 wedding full digital packages. Have all spreadsheets and checklists up. Seasonal content -Valentine, easter!
  • 2 weekly youtube videos. Repurpose blog content or vice versa! 1 DIY/inspo and 1 help or interview.
  • Monthly family night and date night. 80% of the time healthy and focusing on mindset.

February monthly goal setting

January reflection

I got on well with January’s tasks but I must admit the new lockdown threw me off course slightly. new postponements and cancellations to work on push some bits to the back. My onboarding is looking better, my evergreen funnel is nearly up and running. It’s a beautiful wedding design guide, full helpful tips and gorgeous inspiration. I can’t wait to share with you all soon!

I did well posting blogs on Zoey Louise Design, not as good on the event design toolkit though. I sometimes overestimate how much time I have to get things done and set too many tasks. go big or go home hey though! I have loads ready to just finish off so February should be a better month for the event design toolkit blogs. I also got videos filmed and have a lot more planned ready to go!

February goals

My main goal for February is to get back into the flow of working at home. I have got a good routine going now so as long as no more curveballs are thrown I should have a productive month! Let’s hope the last month of homeschooling!

I want to get Etsy in a better place and more items up.

Monthly tasks

  • Get on top of Etsy, I want Etsy to be a big focus this month. All my spreadsheets and bundles up and ready to go.
  • Affiliate marketing. I am asked a lot about the tools I use and items for weddings so I am hoping to but an affiliate list together which will hopefully be helpful. I would love to also get you all some discount offers!
  • get going with my course, writing this scares me eek! I have an idea and the course will be so unique and just packed full of goodness!
  • I want to do a mini launch for the spreadsheets as a bundle. so need to get this prepped in Feb
  • I am launching a mini monthly mag just for my email subscribers.
  • carry on with my healthy eating and exercising and working on mindset.

business goals

My favourite mindset books.

In this blog, I will share my favourite mindset books. As an entrepreneur I have come to realise that mindset and looking after my mental health is probably one of the most important things for me to concentrate on.

Mental health is becoming easier to talk about and discuss, we still have a long way to go though! I think most business owners would agree with me that you become so self-aware as a business owner. You need to know your strengths and weaknesses. You need to toughen up quick, as rightly so you are not for everyone.

For me, the hardest part as been learning to switch off. It is easy with a carer. You leave work and for most people it is done and over with. I think as I was teaching before and would take so much work, problems home with me I unknowingly had set myself u as a person not easily able to shut off.

Self-love, self-care and mental health my sound a little hippy and people don’t fully understand the importance of it. I believe we should spend as much effort on our mental well being as we do our physical. It plays a part in every part of our lives and how we show up daily.

So here goes I am sharing my favourite mindset books. I have broken them into different areas. Hopefully, there is something for everyone! I would love to know your favourites, always searching for new mindset books!

I listen to most of mine on audible. There is always a motivational mindset book I am listening to. I start my morning with a shower and getting ready while also listening along. It always sets me up in a great mood for the day. I mainly notice on the days I am rushing and didn’t listen to it. Also wanted to tell you this as I can’t guarantee it will be as motivational in book form. I have heard that some are from ones I have gifted.

General mindset books

Girl wash your face. I have heard a few negatives things lately about Rachel Hollis. Something to do with her new book and getting a divorce. Personally, I feel this is a great motivational book. It is great for newer mindset readers. She is a great motivational speaker herself and very good at pumping you up. I love the audible version as it is her reading and it definitely is a great morning boost.

The path made clear. I love this one for inspiration. If you get motivated by others achievements and stories this is definitely one for you. I mean come on who doesn’t love Oprah!

Everything is Figureoutable: Again another starter motivational one. This book made me realise how I do already have this attitude and mindset. Say yes, then figure out how to get it done after. With most motivational books the stuff said is pretty common knowledge. I think the beauty of these books though is hearing it and reminding yourself daily.

Business mindset books

Crushing it: I just love Gary v, I love a straight talker! Gary has a great way of looking at business. Serve and do what you love sums up most of it. He is not for everyone as he is a believer in work hard and hustle. Which I know triggers some people. He is clear though; he is saying if you want to be a millionaire or have an amazing business, then you know what you have to show up daily and do the work! I totally agree with him. If you need a kick up the butt and you can take some home truths this is the book for you!

High performance habits: This book made me look at my daily habits, my attitude and how I run my business as a whole. Full of great tips and insights. Definitely worth a read for any business owners out there.

Miracle morning: This is a great one for now. This book is a life changer if you are just not the organised on the ball type! My scattery creative brain needs discipline! I am easily distracted and will spend all day designing weddings, ordering samples, all the good stuff! So for me this changed everything, having a good set routine in the morning, which does change from day to day, sets my day u right and I am ready to go. It has made me develop my timetable even more and I so productive now. even the not so fun stuff!

Money mindset

Get rich lucky bitch: Full disclosure, this book is a little woo woo! By this I mean, ask the universe vibe. There is a lot of practical information though and enjoyed it a lot more the second time around. It is good for really understanding your money story and blocks, mindset issues you have.

You are a badass at making money I love this book for a kick up the butt, stop making excuses motivation! It is great on audible and definitely a motivational morning book to get you going! If you need good talking to or love a motivational story or two this is the money book for you.

Complete Guide to Money: this is great for sorting out your finances. Getting to grips with debt or never getting into it. Also setting yourself up for the future. His other books and podcast are wealth of financial knowledge.

Favourite for health mindset

Not a diet book: I love James! Again, another straight talker like Gary V. This book is great for going back to basics with weight loss and fitness. Move more and eat less and as he famously says ‘calorie fucking deficit!. I needed this book to get me to stop over complicating things, trying to live my life like when I was at my fittest when I needed to start from the beginning again.

The sleep revolution: This is a good book to get you thinking about your sleep. I use to stay up late to be up early the next morning. Always a little tired but never really thought much about it. Sleep is so important for a healthy lifestyle.

The little book of hygge: This one I haven’t actually read but just bought as highly recommended. so, I thought I would drop it here also. I will be starting soon so will let you all know if it lives up to the hype of living a more relaxed, happy life.

I hope you found this blog useful. If you get one of these books and enjoy it then make you let me know. Also, share your favourites below in the comments.

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JAN goals

Welcome to my first monthly mood blog! January monthly goal setting is this first blog in my monthly goal blogs. Where I look at my goals and reflect on last month. If you just landed here is my 2021 goal setting blog.

Why I decided to do these blogs is to keep me accountable this year! I have some big goals this year and I have swapped my business model around so much. I know that I am great with the big goals, staying focused when driven. My issue is staying driven and accountable. So, here we are me making myself accountable!

I also hope these blogs help other wedding or creative business owners. With my blogs being a huge focus this year I have found blog income reports so helpful and inspiring. For me, motivation comes from seeing others achieve a similar goal to me. I hope you find this helpful and I would love for you to join in. Do your own 2021 goal setting blogs and make sure you link it in the comments I would love to read yours also!

It is also a great way for me to share what I am up to and loving this month. If you would prefer to receive these as a monthly email then sign up here!

Jan monthly goal setting, lessons and achievements.

Before I share my January monthly goal setting. lets first have a look at my quarterly goals. I have broke these down from my yearly goals i want to achieve.

Quarter goals

  • Weddings, for the first quarter I am really streamlining my client process. Making the experience feel even more personal and luxurious. Just like the weddings I design! Updating welcome packs, booking in monthly meetings or calls. Getting super organised and hoping no more cancellations or postponements. Linking back to goal 1 of fewer weddings but higher-end.
  • Have the toolkit ready and do a mini launch. 2 weekly bogs to push brand awareness. Goal 2
  • Keep working on SEO and Pinterest to reach 10k monthly views or more on urban. Get ready to apply for an ad company. Goal 3
  • 2 weekly blogs, Pinterest and Instagram content. Building my brand in the direction I am heading. Goal 4.
  • Repurpose my streamlining digital items for the Zoey Louise digital shop
  • Have 4/5 wedding full digital packages. Have all spreadsheets and checklists up. Seasonal content -Valentine, easter!
  • 2 weekly youtube videos. Repurpose blog content or vice versa! 1 DIY/inspo and 1 help or interview.
  • Monthly family night and date night. 80% of the time healthy and focusing on mindset.

January monthly goal setting

JAN goals

Monthly tasks


  • All onboarding pre-done with new branding. All brochures new branding and done. Welcome boxes decided and first 5 made ready to send. Evergreen funnel set up to gain new clients, email sequence written. 4 weddings focused blogs published on ZL
  • 8 blogs published on EDT. All spreadsheets and checklists done and up on Etsy. Full toolkit contents decide and made, Etsy listing up.
  • All Jan and Feb SEO and links done. Pinterest back up to 100k
  • 4 business/lifestyle focus blogs published.
  • All spreadsheets done and up on Etsy. All valentines items done (DEC) and up. Start getting Easter items up.
  • 4 youtube videos posted. Next 4 content decided and start filming.
  • 1 family day and one date night. Focus on health and mindset

I will reflect on these tasks in February’s monthly mood blog. Then, take these tasks above and break them down into weekly tasks. I work on one thing a day, so Monday marketing etc. Check out my full blog on how I set out my week. This usually keeps me on track, we all know that days don’t always go to plan though so I definitely don’t always stick to this! I would say having this plan has changed how efficient I am (about 10 times more!) in business though. Also, I wouldn’t be able to run the two businesses which really are more like 3! I then have my daily tasks I do every day, these are a mix of health things like midset work, drinking water and step count. Then also business essentials like interacting on socials, checking emails and checking everything is up and running.

What am I loving or planning this month

Okay, so predictable and overdone I know. This month is all about fresh starts, being healthy and starting the year as I mean to go on. I am thinking I will take full advantage of still being in pretty much lockdown. I am going to really work hard this month and get as much done as I can on the blog and passive side of things so as I get closer to summer and weddings taking priority I know things are still running along nicely.

With this though usually means I substitute health. I will not though and making time for me, family and healthy living is going to be a huge priority also. I am committing to a green smoothie every day! Some sort of exercise every day even if just a walk. Me time, which usually is a bath and a book! Then at least one family day no phones and one date night no phones. Below are the things on my shopping list this month to make sure I hit these goals.

Shop my monthly must haves!

  1. Mug heater: I am always letting my coffee go cold! I did hint for one for Christmas!
  2. Smartwatch: I have been looking at a Garmin watch for a while. I was thinking maybe a galaxy watch to work with my phone.
  3. Weekly Pad PLanner: I normally use a 3 day one but need a full week really so have ordered this to keep me organised.
  4. Note Books: I need some new notebooks. I want a few for each project to keep my scribbling somewhat organised.
  5. Linen fabric: For my mood boards and few other projects
  6. Whiteboard Pens: I need some in my brand colours and also a few other nice bits of stationery.
  7. Cork fabric: I am hoping to finally get around to making my large mood boards for my office.
  8. Baubles: I am making the most of 40% off Nkuku and shopping for next year!

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yearly goals

So this is a new thing! Not yearly goal setting, I have always believed in goal setting in my business! I probably always have in ways goal set every year. Especially at uni. What is new and honestly a little scary is this goal setting blog!

2021 is in some ways going to be the hardest year for me to set goals. As 2020 was so all over the place! It started so amazingly, more than on track and then March wow! It is something we couldn’t predict! When setting 5/10 year goals I always have in my head we can’t control factors that may come up so these are goals that are fluid. My yearly goals I am usually more set on, a little too strict I would say. 2020 has definitely taught I can’t be so strict!

I have my yearly goals set for 2021 and they are not as strict as normal. I do have a financial goal also and I might start doing monthly income reports for my blogs. Reading other income reports has become a little obsession lately! I love others achieving their goals and love being able to go back see how they built on it month after month right from the beginning! I think I would like that to have a look back on myself and hopefully, it will help others in the future like the ones I have read helped me!

yearly goals

2021 yearly goal setting!

Anyway back to planning 2021 and my yearly goals. So it feels a little like my first year in business all over again, I am not going to lie! With only designing 2 weddings at the beginning of last year I feel like I haven’t really done much. Also, I have changed so much in the way the business is going! What I want and the future I want!

So, for the new people, you may not know I have had a complete rebrand. New name and all! This took me sooooo long to get around to and I am glad! I know what I want now with this part of the business and this new blog is so widely different from the last. I want to make it my space of the internet and of course share weddings and event design tips and promote my design business. However, I want it to be more of a journal. Sharing what it is like to really run a wedding design business. Sharing behind the scenes and my lifestyle.

Also, share business advice, I am far from an expert but I have taken all the course, yes all! (learning addict) I love to learn and have learnt so much over the last 4 years I want to be able to help anyone who may be feeling a little lost or just starting out. I also plan on interviewing the experts and colleges in the wedding industry to hear their business journey and give their top tips.

I took Lisa Johnson’s passive course this year also as adding passive items into my business was something I was already considering. With COVID-19 it gave me the time to push it forward. I am going to do a full, honest review of the course at some point soon. I want to implement a few more of the teachings first. This course and my research into passive ideas really changed my mindset towards my business. Don’t get me wrong I love designing weddings and events! However, my long time goals are to travel the world! By yacht, but that’s a blog for another time!

When I looked at my business model and my plans for scaling, I realised that I wasn’t building a business to support this dream. Also, in 2019 my mum had a stroke and I just stopped working on my business for months! It had a huge impact and have been playing catch up ever since! Taking time away and still earning is my goal this year!

I am telling you all this as it all plays a part in my 2021 goals. I have changed so much of my business model it is why along with the dreaded ‘C’ I feel like the first proper year in business this year! Which means I have my drive, focus, passion and excitement back! The ones I felt 4 years ago! Okay, Zoey. Shut up we know your life story just tell us your goals! I hear you!

business goals

Business yearly goal setting

Goal 1 – Do less weddings

This was a goal I had for 2020 also! be careful what you wish for hay! It is something I struggled with as doing fewer weddings means charging more! And, not to sound arrogant! I know I am really good at what I do, I make sure I am! Learning constantly, about design, weddings and business. I know my system works for designing a wedding or event that is truly personal. I get to know my clients and couples and have learnt over the years what to pick up on and what questions to ask!

It is the fact that charging more puts me at a higher price point and less accessible to my clients I have now! I started my business wanting design to be available to all couples! Not having to have a cookie-cutter wedding because they can’t afford or don’t wish to hire a designer or stylist! They are left with the DIY option or a venue dresser! Venue dressers are great but you hire their stock, there is no designing involved and it is usually a package that hundreds more have already hired! I want to give the option for weddings of any budget to have a beautifully curated day that is as stylish as it is personal!

Starting The event design toolkit has helped this all fit into place so beautifully! I have my passion back and I get balance and to start building the life of my dreams! The wedding toolkit course will provide couples with all they need to design a wedding of their dreams. With no disasters and no tat or chair covers in site! I can raise my prices without guilt knowing that this way I can actually help more couples and budget will not be a barrier to beautiful design anymore!

So, 6 to 10 weddings a year is my aim! Slowly doing ony full design and limiting it to 4 to 6 a year! If you have been meaning to see if I am free for 2021 or 2022 get in touch!

Goal 2 – Launch course

Launch the wedding design toolkit course! I am thinking I need a better name though! I will have toolkit out already! Which is all the spreadsheets, checklists and information you could need to design a wedding, ready to print and go! So, the course definitely needs a different name! Names I am not good at though, so I will definitely need your help with this one! I am hoping September/November time. There is so much to do for it and mix with a crazy wedding season, I hope, I will have to see how it goes! I will at least get the beta course out in 2021 no excuses!

Goal 3 – Blog growth urban

If you don’t know I also run the urban wedding company. A blog for modern stylish couples looking to plan a city-centre wedding. The goal for this is blog growth! I run it alongside Chelle a wedding planner. She is one of the planners I use when you want to add coordination on to your design package. My why I outsourced planning blog explains this properly. We have definitely developed this business and moved things around over the years. I am a big believer in this and I am one of the few that doesn’t agree with the niche down right away parade! Again, I explain it more in my why niching isn’t always the way blog. Because we ran with the idea, analysed and grew and developed from this we now have this amazing blog that fills a huge gap in the market!

Anyway, you may notice I digress a lot! I just know a lot of you will be new readers and want to make sure you understand the path already taken. Honestly, I do this when I am talking though! I can’t keep up with what I am saying myself, god knows how others cope! So with our own businesses and lives, urban needs to work with us, support us without taking over.

With my new found love, passive income, our focus is really pushing the blog. So this year is all about great content we know our readers will love and find useful while planning a wedding. It is also about the numbers, we really want to grow our reach with the blog! Get those reader numbers up and we are going to monetize to with ads. We feel this is the best route for us still to be able to provide amazing content our readers need and it supports our own lifestyles separately.

Goal 4 – Expand Zoey Louise Design

Branch out Zoey Louise design. I want to work with brands and businesses more. As a small business owner myself, I really understand the value of good brand content. I love working on brand shoots. Shoots have always been a huge passion of mine, I feel I get the chance to be more creative, push boundaries more. With weddings and large events, there is always the restriction of guest experience and practicality. For me, the guest experience should be at the front of any event design, with this though it restricts the possibilities in ways you are not restricted on editorial shoots. The goal is to do more shoots and brand events.

Also, I know I can’t fully talk as it took me so long to rebrand and nail mine! But I was always so aware of the impact not rebranding was having on my business. However, even with the brand not how I wanted it I still branded all my content. The experience was always thought out and on brand. Branding is so much more than just a logo! So, I want to develop my digital shop and offer templates for wedding and creative businesses. Like with my other digital items they will be fully customisable to make your own and are the perfect starting point for new business or older ones needing a refresh.

Goal 5 – Digital products

Following on, goal 5 is to really streamline and get some order to my digital shop. This shop is over on Etsy at the moment and is the place to head for DIY stylish wedding and event digital items. It has everything you could need when planning a wedding or event. Well, that’s the plan. It definitely needs some work and my goal is to have this bringing in a steady semi-passive monthly income by the end of the year!

Goal 6 – YouTube

YouTube! This is the one that scares me the most I think! I need to get out my own way and start filming twice-weekly YouTube videos. This is partly as it is the easiest way to give advice and help couples wanting to design their own wedding. It will be a great source of advice for DIYers and anyone planning any event! An enhancement to the event design toolkit blog! Let’s be clear also, I am running a business so it has to be a benefit for my business also or it is just dead time. So for me it a great marketing tool and will hopefully bring me more readers and customers. On a personal note will help with my confidence and public speaking fears!!! Red tomato face anyone else??

2021 yearly goal setting

My six business goals! What do you think? Let me know in the comments or shoot me an email, a message on insta, however you want to connect I would love to! So, as much as I am a workaholic! Life isn’t all about work and business goals. So next I have my 3 lifestyle goals. Then if you are still not bored! I will break this all down into the first-quarter goals and then monthly goals. I will do a monthly recap and let you all know how I am getting on.

life yearly goals

Life yearly goal setting

Health yearly goals

So I have really made an effort this last year to work on me and my mindset. I am going to share more on this throughout this year with my favourite mindset books and practises that help me. I want to carry on growing, learning my strengths as a person and how to live a mindful life, where I enjoy every day! This isn’t about fake happiness and positivity! Being present, having gratitude with the day and experiences that happen. I am back to eating healthy, no not a fad diet! I am a big believer in you are what you eat motto! My mood, energy and body feels better when I am thoughtful with what I eat.

Fitness goals

So, kinda ties in with above! But separate also as I want to get back into weight training. Really committing this year and getting back to the body I love! This comes back to mindset above and no I am not saying you have to be skinny to love yourself! I just know I love my body and have more self esteem when I am at my fittest and strongest! I think learning to love yourself you need to love your body and sure getting the right fuel it needs and strengthening it to be at its best is part of this.

Joy yearly goals

Family time! Making more time for Tayha and Ryan. Present time, no phones, no TV! Well, maybe a big screen now and then! I am a self-confessed workaholic! Always have been, I love being focused, blinkering everything else out until I get where or what I want! With business, though this is always growing, changing and I will never get to the finish line.

So, with that I need to learn to switch off and have time away and spend it with the ones I love. I am trying to commit to every Saturday off! That sounds crazy that one day completely off a week is such a hard goal to reach, maybe even the hardest of the year! But like with most hard things I am sure it will be the most rewarding! Weeks when I have weddings this will not be possible I know, but with limiting my weddings now it is also not a huge impact on how many spare weekends I have. I will try to have the Sunday off instead after clear down. Sundays are mainly planning and organising days so I definitely can squeeze that into an hour.

health year goals

2021 yearly goal setting

Well, I have spilt my 2021 dreams to you all! I hope you enjoyed or found this yearly goal setting blog useful? This is the easy part, daydreaming, setting big goals! The hard part and the only way these will actually come true is to now get focused and put a plan into place! I work in quarters, I think most people do. I then break that down into monthly, weekly and daily tasks! Is my teacher training showing here? I always do feel like I am doing lesson planning a little!

So next we will look at quarter one and January! I will update this blog every month and every quarter so you can all keep me accountable and see how I am getting on. I would love for you all to join in also, share your goals with me. Even better, write your own blog and link it in the comments, I would love to read along with yours also!

Next up I break them into quarter goals/tasks now. What needs to be achieved first to then build on later on in the year. I do my quarter goals at the end of each one. Then add these each quarter to the bottom of the blog. I will also be doing monthly mood blogs. These will go over my monthly goals and again I will add a link here each month so you can catch up no matter what month it is! Each monthly mood also includes a free printable quote!

  • January monthly mood!

Quarter 1 goals

  • Weddings, for the first quarter I am really streamlining my client process. Making the experience feel even more personal and luxurious. Just like the weddings I design! Adding welcome packs, booking in monthly meeting or calls. Getting super organised and hoping no more cancellations or postponements. Linking back to goal 1 of fewer weddings but higher-end.
  • Have the toolkit ready and do a mini launch. 2 weekly bogs to push brand awareness. Goal 2
  • Keep working on SEO and Pinterest to keep at 10k monthly views or more. Get ready to apply for an ad company. Goal 3
  • 2 weekly blogs, Pinterest and Instagram content. Building my brand in the direction I am heading. Goal 4. Repurpose my streamlining digital items for the Zoey Louise digital shop
  • Have 4/5 wedding full digital packages. Have all spreadsheets and checklists up. Seasonal content -Valentine, easter!
  • 2 weekly youtube videos. Repurpose blog content or vice versa! 1 DIY/inspo and 1 help or interview.
  • Monthly family night and date night. 80% of the time healthy and focusing on mindset.

So that is it for now for my yearly goal setting! keep checking back to see how I am getting on and don’t forget to let me know your yearly goals or link your goal blogs in the comments!