So I think this is my most asked question! I can see why, I am not aware of anyone else who charges this way. Well, stylist/designer anyway in the UK. The price of a wedding stylist varies with each supplier. There are some in America, in particular, Sinclair and Moore who charge similarly. I took his training even though he is a florist. As I wanted to learn from someone who charged like me but at a much higher price bracket. I knew it was working for me and my couples but was it scalable as my business and pricing increased.

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I actually decided to package this way on my own though. But why? Well, I was starting to fall out of love with my business already! It had only been a year! Now I knew there was more to this than just styling, don’t get me wrong! But I felt most of my time was spent sending out quotes per item, then a new quote to remove something. Then changing again, adding more, losing bits as the budget changed. An admin lovers dream I am sure! For me, it was sucking the joy out of it all!

As everything was focused on the items and their price the fact they got me styling or designing their day was usually forgotten. It was all about price and I had made it that way! The price of a wedding stylist covers much more than the price of the items.


So confession time! I spent a few months packaging my items up. Styling packages where you picked a theme and got all the styling bits you wanted. I reached out to suppliers to offer flowers, stationery and favours. But again it just wasn’t me! I was doing the opposite to my mission, my values and my passion for event design. I had literally made cookie-cutter packages! Yikes!!!!! I went down hill fast!

So I took some time I looked at my brand again. I looked at what I wanted personally in my future. I looked at why I started my business, what I wanted to offer and be known for! It was none of the above! I then walked through my client journey. I looked at the wedding planning process. I asked my couples and other couples. What do you find stressful? What is hard? What can I change?

It was pretty clear. My items are not what they are buying it is not what they are paying for. Yes, I carefully select them and have some of the most unique, luxury and eco friendly on the market. But I curated them, I spent the time sourcing, testing them.

They are buying me, my design knowledge, my unique style. My precious time, designing, styling amd sourcing items. In a sense the way I packaged my service before they paid for my items and got my time for free! Of course, included in the price but I am sure to most it came across as free. I understood then why I got price shoppers. Why people swapped and changed their items constantly! Why I felt undervalued!

Time for a change

So I changed my services. I charged for the most precious thing we all have, time! It is what I give my clients back with my service, time to enjoy their planning stress-free. No time wasted checking every little item they can afford as their budget changed.

My items come ‘free’ with my services as they are not what couples are paying for. They are paying for my experience, expertise and most importantly my time to design and style their wedding.

Ironically with this package it also freed up my time more. I was doing constant admin and stock checks. I am now given the freedom to get creative and design something that was personal and unique for my couples.

That was always my mission, my goals and always will be. This day is once in a lifetime for most. It should be a reflection of both your personalities. It should tell your love story, share a part of you with all your guest. Create a moment in time for you and your family and friends that you will remember for a lifetime.

That doesn’t come from counting the number of tealights ordered. It doesn’t come from me being restricted with my design based on budget or fear of looking like I am trying to overcharge with all the items I suggest.

For me, great design is in the details. When you are hiring item by item the little details are the ones that go first. It’s restrictive, stressful and joyless! My couples love the freedom and the time it gives them back. It gives them the space to think up unique personal items, decide and have the budget to spend on the extras like linens, glassware and candles.

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Frequently asked question!

Are there any restrictions?

Restrictions, so I do have a few. When I send a proposal it is on the understanding the scope of the wedding won’t change much. I charge a flat fee working out time and staff needed for the wedding described. This usually includes travel and expenses when possible. If no venue is booked this will be added after.

Also, for larger items, they are hired out to suppliers and sometimes couples. So these are only if available. If you have your heart set on a certain backdrop mention it when booking as we will let you know if free. We also hold any items we feel we may need for your wedding once the booking is confirmed. So this only affects if pre hired. Which normally hire items are not booked up till a few months before, so only happens on rare occasions.

So no other costs?

I do charge extra for some items. Which are not mine but I source and offer at cost price. Like linens, napkins, crockery and lighting. If ordering on a large scale we do recommend placing the order directly with the supplier though so they can deliver and set up.

But not for me or my items apart from the items mentioned above. Things like candles, bespoke or personalised items and any little one-time use items are not included. These can be sourced by us and bought by couples. Or we offer a shopping service for what I call the design details. We will source, shop and grab all those last-minute key elements to complete the design. This is offered for both styling and design couples.

Are florals included

These are not included but I can recommend florists to suit your style. With my design couples I will work with the florist to come up with the floral design elements. Styling I will work alongside a florist and can recommend if needed. If you just want a few floral elements this can be provided by us. Loose greenery or a few bud vases as extra details. The florals themselves we can source but the cost is not included in any package.

Are signs and stationery included?

I have been asked a few times if this includes on the day stationery. No, it doesn’t. For full design, we work closely with your stationery and design the on the day elements to work with and enhance the design. The stationery items themselves are not included.

We do have a selection of signs. These are standard signs. No personalisation included. But we do have a mix of acrylic and wood signs, table numbers and blank seating charts to add seating cards.

What if my wedding is small?

Normally the answer is it is the same price. We have had a booking as little as 15, pre-covid as well! As this service is best suited for a smaller wedding. Definitely 100 and under, more you will have to source items and have higher staff charges. We do throw in extra items and we can focus more on the little details and go all out with big insulations the smaller the numbers!

However, we have just realised a micro package. Weddings 40 guests and under. Normally we would charge our minimum fee and throw in a few extra items. Maybe lighting or some personalised signs. It also usually means we go all out. We have more time to work our magic so get even more wow factor.

But with covid, we know this isn’t really your choice. Or you may just now love the idea of a micro wedding! So for now, possibly forever. We are offering our styling packages for a crazy price of £849!!!! Say what!!!! This includes all items needed just like our normal package. For 2021 and 2022 weddings only and under 40 guests!

This won’t be like if paying full where we give free personalised signage or go all out as a smaller event. With the price lower you will receive all the items you need like someone booking with normal numbers. Travel and expense cost may apply. Get in contact to find out more!

More questions?

These are My top 5 most frequently asked questions. Head to here for the full FAQ and answers, I am always updating this as new ones come in. Or send us an email and we will answer any questions you may have!

I hope you found the price of a wedding stylist blog useful. If looking at a stylist for your wedding just remember to look for ones you connect with, whose style you love. Value their time and expertise over just the price of the wedding stylist.

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