feb monthly goals

Welcome to my Second monthly mood blog! February monthly goal setting is the second blog in my monthly goal blogs. Where I look at my goals and reflect on last month. If you just landed here is my 2021 goal setting blog.

Why I decided to do these blogs is to keep me accountable this year! I have some big goals this year and I have swapped my business model around so much. I know that I am great with the big goals, staying focused when driven. My issue is staying driven and accountable. So, here we are me making myself accountable!

I also hope these blogs help other wedding or creative business owners. With my blogs being a huge focus this year I have found blog income reports so helpful and inspiring. For me, motivation comes from seeing others achieve a similar goal to me. I hope you find this helpful and I would love for you to join in. Do your own 2021 goal setting blogs and make sure you link it in the comments I would love to read yours also!

It is also a great way for me to share what I am up to and loving this month. If you would prefer to receive these as a monthly email then sign up here!


Before I share my February monthly goal setting. lets first have a look at my quarterly goals. I have broken these down from the yearly goals I want to achieve.

Quarter goals

  • Weddings, for the first quarter I am really streamlining my client process. Making the experience feel even more personal and luxurious. Just like the weddings I design! Updating welcome packs, booking in monthly meetings or calls. Getting super organised and hoping no more cancellations or postponements. Linking back to goal 1 of fewer weddings but higher-end.
  • Have the toolkit ready and do a mini launch. 2 weekly bogs to push brand awareness. Goal 2
  • Keep working on SEO and Pinterest to reach 10k monthly views or more on urban. Get ready to apply for an ad company. Goal 3
  • 2 weekly blogs, Pinterest and Instagram content. Building my brand in the direction I am heading. Goal 4.
  • Repurpose my streamlining digital items for the Zoey Louise digital shop
  • Have 4/5 wedding full digital packages. Have all spreadsheets and checklists up. Seasonal content -Valentine, easter!
  • 2 weekly youtube videos. Repurpose blog content or vice versa! 1 DIY/inspo and 1 help or interview.
  • Monthly family night and date night. 80% of the time healthy and focusing on mindset.

February monthly goal setting

January reflection

I got on well with January’s tasks but I must admit the new lockdown threw me off course slightly. new postponements and cancellations to work on push some bits to the back. My onboarding is looking better, my evergreen funnel is nearly up and running. It’s a beautiful wedding design guide, full helpful tips and gorgeous inspiration. I can’t wait to share with you all soon!

I did well posting blogs on Zoey Louise Design, not as good on the event design toolkit though. I sometimes overestimate how much time I have to get things done and set too many tasks. go big or go home hey though! I have loads ready to just finish off so February should be a better month for the event design toolkit blogs. I also got videos filmed and have a lot more planned ready to go!

February goals

My main goal for February is to get back into the flow of working at home. I have got a good routine going now so as long as no more curveballs are thrown I should have a productive month! Let’s hope the last month of homeschooling!

I want to get Etsy in a better place and more items up.

Monthly tasks

  • Get on top of Etsy, I want Etsy to be a big focus this month. All my spreadsheets and bundles up and ready to go.
  • Affiliate marketing. I am asked a lot about the tools I use and items for weddings so I am hoping to but an affiliate list together which will hopefully be helpful. I would love to also get you all some discount offers!
  • get going with my course, writing this scares me eek! I have an idea and the course will be so unique and just packed full of goodness!
  • I want to do a mini launch for the spreadsheets as a bundle. so need to get this prepped in Feb
  • I am launching a mini monthly mag just for my email subscribers.
  • carry on with my healthy eating and exercising and working on mindset.