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My favourite mindset books.

In this blog, I will share my favourite mindset books. As an entrepreneur I have come to realise that mindset and looking after my mental health is probably one of the most important things for me to concentrate on.

Mental health is becoming easier to talk about and discuss, we still have a long way to go though! I think most business owners would agree with me that you become so self-aware as a business owner. You need to know your strengths and weaknesses. You need to toughen up quick, as rightly so you are not for everyone.

For me, the hardest part as been learning to switch off. It is easy with a carer. You leave work and for most people it is done and over with. I think as I was teaching before and would take so much work, problems home with me I unknowingly had set myself u as a person not easily able to shut off.

Self-love, self-care and mental health my sound a little hippy and people don’t fully understand the importance of it. I believe we should spend as much effort on our mental well being as we do our physical. It plays a part in every part of our lives and how we show up daily.

So here goes I am sharing my favourite mindset books. I have broken them into different areas. Hopefully, there is something for everyone! I would love to know your favourites, always searching for new mindset books!

I listen to most of mine on audible. There is always a motivational mindset book I am listening to. I start my morning with a shower and getting ready while also listening along. It always sets me up in a great mood for the day. I mainly notice on the days I am rushing and didn’t listen to it. Also wanted to tell you this as I can’t guarantee it will be as motivational in book form. I have heard that some are from ones I have gifted.

General mindset books

Girl wash your face. I have heard a few negatives things lately about Rachel Hollis. Something to do with her new book and getting a divorce. Personally, I feel this is a great motivational book. It is great for newer mindset readers. She is a great motivational speaker herself and very good at pumping you up. I love the audible version as it is her reading and it definitely is a great morning boost.

The path made clear. I love this one for inspiration. If you get motivated by others achievements and stories this is definitely one for you. I mean come on who doesn’t love Oprah!

Everything is Figureoutable: Again another starter motivational one. This book made me realise how I do already have this attitude and mindset. Say yes, then figure out how to get it done after. With most motivational books the stuff said is pretty common knowledge. I think the beauty of these books though is hearing it and reminding yourself daily.

Business mindset books

Crushing it: I just love Gary v, I love a straight talker! Gary has a great way of looking at business. Serve and do what you love sums up most of it. He is not for everyone as he is a believer in work hard and hustle. Which I know triggers some people. He is clear though; he is saying if you want to be a millionaire or have an amazing business, then you know what you have to show up daily and do the work! I totally agree with him. If you need a kick up the butt and you can take some home truths this is the book for you!

High performance habits: This book made me look at my daily habits, my attitude and how I run my business as a whole. Full of great tips and insights. Definitely worth a read for any business owners out there.

Miracle morning: This is a great one for now. This book is a life changer if you are just not the organised on the ball type! My scattery creative brain needs discipline! I am easily distracted and will spend all day designing weddings, ordering samples, all the good stuff! So for me this changed everything, having a good set routine in the morning, which does change from day to day, sets my day u right and I am ready to go. It has made me develop my timetable even more and I so productive now. even the not so fun stuff!

Money mindset

Get rich lucky bitch: Full disclosure, this book is a little woo woo! By this I mean, ask the universe vibe. There is a lot of practical information though and enjoyed it a lot more the second time around. It is good for really understanding your money story and blocks, mindset issues you have.

You are a badass at making money I love this book for a kick up the butt, stop making excuses motivation! It is great on audible and definitely a motivational morning book to get you going! If you need good talking to or love a motivational story or two this is the money book for you.

Complete Guide to Money: this is great for sorting out your finances. Getting to grips with debt or never getting into it. Also setting yourself up for the future. His other books and podcast are wealth of financial knowledge.

Favourite for health mindset

Not a diet book: I love James! Again, another straight talker like Gary V. This book is great for going back to basics with weight loss and fitness. Move more and eat less and as he famously says ‘calorie fucking deficit!. I needed this book to get me to stop over complicating things, trying to live my life like when I was at my fittest when I needed to start from the beginning again.

The sleep revolution: This is a good book to get you thinking about your sleep. I use to stay up late to be up early the next morning. Always a little tired but never really thought much about it. Sleep is so important for a healthy lifestyle.

The little book of hygge: This one I haven’t actually read but just bought as highly recommended. so, I thought I would drop it here also. I will be starting soon so will let you all know if it lives up to the hype of living a more relaxed, happy life.

I hope you found this blog useful. If you get one of these books and enjoy it then make you let me know. Also, share your favourites below in the comments.

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