What is a wedding designer? So I get lots of questions about what I do, how I compare to others and my packages. I call myself a wedding designer and stylist! I do still resonate with this title and will carry on offering styling services but as my skills and passion have developed I am pulled more towards the design aspects of events. You may have noticed my all-new website and branding. So my focus is moving towards designing over styling, I will still style wedding but slowly my assistants will take over this part more and more,

For most planning their wedding, everything is all new to them. They come across all these terms they just have no ideas what they mean, wedding planner, stylist, designer and venue decorator. I find a lot of couples see me as a venue dresser so get caught up on the items I am providing. Couples get to use of all my items they need though. As they are booking me to design their day and not just turn up with hired items and go before anyone arrives. My focus is not the items it is the overall style and design. My items are there to help bring the vision together but my main focus is designing a day that is perfectly you.

Why event design?

This is part of my reasoning to shift toward event design, I feel it is clearer for couples and is a truer reflection of what I do. So why event design and what does it really mean?

“Event Design is the creation, conceptual development and staging of an event using event design principles and techniques to capture and engage the audience with a positive and meaningful experience. ”

S. Brown 2013

For me, any event but especially weddings is about creating an experience. A carefully planned, well thought out wedding allows you to control the feelings and experience of your guest. Yes a focus is on the look of the day but that is to set the scene, it is then important to tie in all other elements creating a unique experience the guests will remember forever. I think of it as telling a story and walking your guest through each chapter or playing out the stage version right before their eyes.

Guest experience

One thing I hear a lot, I mean a lot! ….. is, but will the guest really remember what colour the napkin (or insert any small item) is? No, I hope not! That is not what it is about, picking all these key elements so they effortlessly marry together and not stand out is the aim. They may not notice the matching grey linen napkins and tablecloth but am sure they would notice the harsh bright white nylon ones you may pick because well, no one really notices the napkins anyway do they!

The design process starts at the beginning, from your first choice which is usually venue and photographer. Picking the right style venue that is practical but also you love is key to the whole design process. Then, making sure you choose the right photographer to capture every moment just how you envisioned it. Every choice you make big or small plays a part in the overall experience of your guests and the memories you and they will have forever. You only do this once right? Let’s make sure you look back on it in 10 years time with the same love and devotion you will feel for your other half on the day!

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Planner, designer, stylist and venue dresser differences

Wedding Planner

A planner focuses on logistics. Coordinates the whole day and all suppliers. They are super organised, checklist in hand. They make sure the day and the run-up goes with our a hitch. Or if it does you would never know about it. Planners are great for the design couples who need some help bringing it all together and keeping everyone organised.

Wedding Designer

They are in ways a design-led planner. It is not just about the pretty. They work with you to design an authentic day that is both beautiful and practical. It is about the guest experience and creating moments with a well-curated design. They work with a source all visual and create suppliers that enhance the design of the day. This is for the couples that want an experience over a wedding, their guests to not just be wowed but remember for a lifetime.

Venue Stylist

An on the day designer in ways! They are all about the pretty. Curating pieces and styling them to perfection on the day. Working with other visual suppliers on the day for a cohesive look. This is a great option if you want to handle the design yourself but need an expert eye on the day and before to make sure it all fits perfectly. Head to my what is a wedding stylist blog for a more in-depth definition.

Venue dresser

They are more a hire company. They have their stock you hire, usually includes set up also. You choose your items from their stock and they set it up or you collect. Very cookie cutter, one size fits all. Great choice if the design is not a big focus for you or you are a DIY couple.

Hiring a wedding designer

I say this a lot as I truly believe it. Yu should do you research, meet with them and make sure you really are the right fit. Okay, everyone has a budget. You need to look past this though and make sure you trust and connect with them, as they will be a big part of your day. I always do my best work when i have the freedom to get imaginative and I have trust from my clients.

If you are interested in my services or would like to chat to see how we connect, then get in touch I would love to.

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