beauty and the beast

I have the most epic Beauty and the beast wedding styled shoot for you.

This is not your typical Disney version. Moody, decadent, and oh-so-beautiful.

For me, styled shoots are a chance to get creative, push boundaries and show a little bit of my personality.

For the beauty and the beast shoot, I wanted to be able to show that you can have a theme for your wedding.

Without it being overpowering, tacky, full-on, or cheap looking.

Also, show that Disney doesn’t always have to be a pink pretty princess wedding!

A library venue in Manchester city center

It was more about the meaning of the fairy tale rather than the Disney version.

‘Tale As Old As Time’ so of course number one on my list was to find the Old perfect building that had to have a library!

Wow well, I think we hit the jackpot when it came to Chetham School of Music. The oldest building in Manchester and wow what a library it has.

I have mentioned this but I do love a unique building that is either full of character, and history or has some raw natural beauty and this one was just full of all of this.

beauty and beast library

A metal rose wedding favor

The next thing to include was the Rose, of course, yes we can have red roses in the flowers but come on a little obvious.

We did a bit of searching and digging and I came across the most beautiful metal Roses, these are stunning!

I think they would make the perfect alternative to bridesmaid bouquets and then make the perfect present for your bridesmaids.

Just imagine how beautiful they’re going to look walking down the aisle holding them! Go check them out!

A moody fairy tail wedding

I wanted to show the dark side of the fairy tale but also still hold the beauty behind the story.

I chose to do this with a lot of contrast which again is one of my favorite things. Yes, we had dark linens but I chose rich velvet fabric.

Dark moody flowers in abundance on the table add an opulent feel, amazing as always for Kate. Finished off with a soft chiffon runner and napkins.

Then stone crockery and cut crystal glasses. Kind of like a medieval feast in ways, you can just imagine them sitting around the table like this full of food in the old days…… no just me?

Thinking about having a red wedding color palette? head to the blog now!

Beauty and the best black wedding cake

Then for the cake area, designing a good cake area is so important to me.

I knew I wanted a dark black cake (Lisa did a great job on this!) and something different for the setup.

I have started to fall in love with the increasing number of food platters I saw popping up on Instagram. I knew it would make the perfect addition to the cake area!

Little green platter are a must at your next event!

This carried on the idea of the feast feel from the table styling.

Beauty and the beast wedding styling

Beauty and the Beast is about loving each other for who you are, deep soul love.

Designing people’s weddings is all about finding the inner personality of a couple.

Why do they love each other and then be able to tell that love story to all the guests?

Marni captured all the design and the story of the day. The way she catches light, mood, and moments in a picture is just incredible!

I also have to give a shout-out to the amazing dress and stationery. It was like the dress was made for the shoot, we couldn’t have asked for anything more perfect from Legend Bridal!

The stationery finished the design perfectly, again it fits o well and Frain and Grain more than smashed the brief.

Then the show stopper of the set up was the amazing chandelier, Peters Edison lights adorned with Spanish moss, so dreamy!

I would love to hear your thoughts below on this style, make sure you check out all the suppliers involved.