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Pinterest is a great marketing tool for a wedding or any creative business. It is also a tool to start creating a wedding mood board.

I am going to discuss how I use Pinterest as a wedding mood board. I use Aisle Planner for the main design process with my full design couples.

Usually I always also have a shared secret mood board. It is great to add things as we are both searching or something pops up. I love that you can add a note for others to see.

pinterest wedding moodboard

The right way to use Pinterest for a wedding mood board.

Now I think there is a right and wrong way to do a Pinterest board! I am sure others will disagree with me though!

The thing with Pinterest is it is easy to get sucked into beautiful weddings or shoot pictures. You then fill your boards with these. However, you are then just working on recreating someone else’s design. Use the sections option and get strict with what is going to be shared in each.

I am going to share my process and this can work for a wedding supplier to set up for a shoot or with couples. But also perfect for couples looking to design their own day like a pro.

Pinterest wedding mood board

I go into more detail in my mood board blog on how to create a great mood board.

The same principles apply here though. You need to look past weddings, past the item you are creating.

I allow my couples to bring 4/5 wedding pictures but I want them to bring my pictures that ignite feelings when doing a design consult.

Show the colors, textures, or feeling you want on the day. For Pinterest, though I have an inspiration section that I don’t limit. I find the inspiration section is a great place to photo-dump all the different things you like or that catch your eye.

wedding pinterest

Set the main Pinterest board into sections.

Here are the sections I add and the description or advice I use for each. I think this can work for any design or event. You can adapt and add sections that work for you. These are just ideas.

  • Colors – Search and add pictures of colors you like or know you want for your wedding. No wedding pictures. Look for pictures that include colors or show color tones, and shades you Like. Write a note if the picture needs explaining.
  • textures – add fabrics, and textures that you love or are drawn to.
  • stationery – add fonts and paper textures. try to limit the amount of wedding stationery
  • outfits – add all wedding party outfits you like or if decided add your chosen ones.
  • Flowers –
  • ceremony –
  • reception –
  • stationery –
  • inspiration – add wedding inspiration here. try to look past the setup or look and add pictures that make you feel the way you want your guest to feel.

Pinterest wedding mood board

I may set up new sections for different feature areas. Or if a certain supplier is a top priority to the couple they will be added and we will have a section for them.

As I use an Asile planner though this is usually shared through this instead and a new section is not needed.

I use this Pinterest board to break down the overall feel and design the client wants for the day. This is not what is shared with suppliers but at times I will add suppliers so they can contribute also.

I use this to help with getting to know my couple and questions at the meeting to then create an overall design. The design brief goes into detail about each area.

The design brief is then shared with all suppliers. As it is not an interactive process having a Pinterest mood board works well alongside this.

Using Pinterest as a wedding mood board

I hope you found this blog sharing how I use Pinterest as a wedding mood board! please let me know in the comment and any questions ask away! Here is a quick video of how to set up a board and sections on Pinterest.