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Red wedding color ideas. February is the month of love! But also I think it is the month of red! So this week I am sharing my top red color palettes. I love how taking a color and mixing it with different colors can change the whole feel of a design.

So I am mixing it up and showing how versatile red really can be! No matter your style, theme, or season red can work for you! You will find a red wedding color scheme to fall in love with!

Colour palette basics

So I like to break my palettes into 3 colors for most events. I have my base color which is the one used in 80/90% of the design. Then the main color is the color of the event or wedding. The color everyone remembers. You want to use this in pops though, not all over the space so it becomes overpowering. Remember with both of these colors you want to mix in different shades and tones. Don’t stick to the same exact color for every little item.

Then you have your accent color, usually a metal like gold, copper, or brass. This can definitely be a color also though. This I use to either tie the colors together or add a contract if needed. You will be surprised how much effect an accent color can have on the overall design.

You can of course add in a contrasting color or do a mixed color. It really does depend on the overall design of the day. But for the majority of my weddings, we work with this style of the palette.

Top 5 red wedding color palettes

winter red palette

1. Moody berry red wedding

As you can see with this red wedding color palette there is one base color, a mix of 3 for the main and then the accent. For me here the main colors are two colors molding together and all the shades and tones in between that melt together to make the beautiful burgundy. Which to me is the perfect mix of purple and red.

2. Red, Grey, and Black

I love that this palette is modern, and simple but packs the wow factor. Here you can swap the main color to any color and it will still give a cool modern feel. Yellow works well, it is a great way to do pink also but still have a modern feel.

modern red palette

3. Red, pink and terracotta

I love this one for an autumn palette. It is the perfect modern boho vibe. Swap the pink base for a cream base add all the macrame you can and you are in boho heaven. Again the main colors some would say are 3 colors. They are one hue and the shades and tints are from darker to lighter.

spring palette

4. Best red spring wedding color scheme

This palette is the perfect spring or summer red palette. The greens in the accent come from the greenery in the flowers. Crisps whites help the reds really pop. Giving a bright colorful and fresh palette.

This is perfect for an outdoor wedding. Or if you want to create that garden feel indoors. Using pink and red roses as if natural growing around the venue gives a beautiful secret garden vibe. Here we have taken the red and added more and more amounts of white lightens it to create our pinker shades.

red and pink palette

5. Red and Pink

The modern way to do red and pink! I love this palette as you can play around with the shade of grey to change up the overall feel. The darker the grey even edging to black the moody the feel. Using mainly light grey will add some freshness and lighten the look and make the red and pink pop more.

Tablescape mockups

With my full design clients, I love to focus on the detail of the design. I always do these mock-ups. Usually the table setting and any feature areas or focal points of the day. Or if I or my couple can’t envision a certain design these are how I show them and fine-tune the tiny detail myself. Now, if I could draw I would but my creative skills never spilled into the drawing! I am so bad!

So we are working with Palette 5. We have the overall mood board, this is a quick design mood board. My couples get one for each area plus a brief in their design plan.

moodboard red

A normal wedding mood board would be more in-depth than this. I still try not to include too many wedding shots. Flowers are okay but not completely styled looks. We want to be creating something unique not copying.

So for this, we want the table to have a modern moody feel, that was still relaxed and welcoming. We still want it to feel elegant and stylish and of course full of romance. This is done by using organic floral displays in pinks and reds. Then just some extra carefully chosen pieces to finish off the centerpiece design. Then clean simple and minimal table settings. Also, something often overlooked the chairs play a large role in the feel of the room. the wood a similar shade to the copper works well and the more relaxed feel of the chairs makes the room more welcoming.

Red wedding colors

I hope you found this blog useful and you are now full of red wedding ideas. Remember to keep it simple with your base, main, and accents. Use slightly different colors or shades to add depth and dimension.

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pinterest wedding

Hi, welcome back to the blog! This week we are talking all about Pinterest. I think Pinterest can be overlooked at times when marketing your business. It has lately been all over the place with them changing up the algorithm and going public. Pinterest is still a great tool to market your wedding business though. It just takes a bit more work and time.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is often confused with a social media platform. It isn’t, it is a visual search engine! You need to think about Pinterest in the way you do with your website and SEO. Yes, a beautiful picture or graphic to grab their attention. But you need to use keywords related to your pin and blog post to get that pin searchable.

Pinterest is a place where its 322 million users go to search for inspiration. Help and ways to solve their problem every day. We all know that couples use Pinterest to plan their wedding. Pinterest allows them to search, find your pin linking to your website. Which they can head to or save for later to easily return again and again.

Why use Pinterest for my wedding business?

Pinterest is the only platform I know that encourages users to leave their platform. This makes the ROI huge compared to Instagram or Facebook. I love Instagram don’t get me wrong but when I post about a new blog post, to get someone to read it they have to head to my feed, hit the link in bio and then head to the blog. This is a lot of steps for a world whose attention is getting smaller. Pinterest they just click and they are there! on the right blog post, giving them the answers they ask for and the option to save for later.

Come on we work in such a visual industry could there be any better platform for us. So, I hear all the time about suppliers not using Pinterest as it is easy to steal. Like people can’t from anywhere else! Actually, if someone repins your pin, which is what most do, it will always have your link. This can not be changed!

If that is not enough to convince you then think about when your search google. The imagine options that come up at the top, most link to to Pinterest. So you are also hitting that google search SEO also!

pinterest wedding

My top 5 tips for Pinterest.

Tip 1

Have a business account set up not a personal. This is the same for all platforms. You need to see your data to evaluate what works and what doesn’t. Link your website to your account and set up rich pins, this help for pinterst to scan your post and when saved by other all the right data is pinned with the graphic.

Tip 2

Use a scheduler! Consistency is so important! This is important for most platform or anything you do for your business. So I hear bad things on and off about scheduling your pins. If you have the time to pin 5 times a day manually then go for it! I don’t, I would forget most days. Too much stress for me.

I use tailwind for mine and urban’s Pinterest and I honestly could live without it. One of the best investments in my business and money well spent. You set up each pin and hit schedule, you can then see when and what time it is going out. You can set up a time schedule for pins. How many pins a day and that does all the hard work for you.

I like to go on once a month and set up 5/6 pins a day for every day that month. I will try to also pop on Pinterest every day and manually pin when I remember. One pin a day at least is my aim, I can go weeks with not doing this though. Having tailwind still pinning for me means I do not lose website traffic.

Tip 3

Start using video. If you are already on TikTok or making Instagram reels then get them on to Pinterest. Clicks to your website are not as great with video but it does wonders for your reach and engagement. So it will give your static pins a boost. I think video is just becoming the new way to share now. So, the more we do and the more use to it we get the better our future results.

Tip 4

Nail your graphics. I share pictures straight from my blog post and others relating linking to the post. I also, and you also need to, make some graphics that shout about what the blog post answers and grabs their attention.

Canva is perfect for this. I must admit I have always been a bit snobbish when it comes to Canva! Previously, I have always used Adobe InDesign or illustrator. I have started using Canva and I must admit I am growing to love it! There are things I still need to jump on to photoshop or illustrator for. I must admit though for quickness and ease Canva wins! The free Canva is enough to get you going. Upgrading to Canva pro means you can add your branding and brand fonts!

Tip 5

SEO! You need to do more than pin pretty graphic and pictures. You need to make sure that each pin is keyword rich. Naturally adding the related post keywords in the description. You need to write a paragraph and use the keywords when relevant and incomplete keyword stuffing. Also in the graphic when creating them. You can add hashtags, I only use 2 sometimes 3 for each pin.

You will add your post to the relevant boards. (Let me know if you want a more basic break down of setting Pinterest up.) These boards need to have keywords in their description. This doesn’t need to be naturally written and can just write all the relevant keywords. Just remember that it is a search engine. Treat it like you would when writing a blog post and trying to rank for google search.

How to use Pinterest for your wedding business.

So there you have a quick blog on using Pinterest for your wedding business and the importance of it. If you found this useful let me know! I am thinking about doing a series and going more in-depth for you all with some videos. I know Pinterest can seem daunting but it doesn’t need to be.

Let me know any questions in the comments. Go give me a follow on Pinterest and we can get supporting each other!