boho moody wedding Owen house barn

Moody Boho was the order of the day at Owen House wedding barn! Gemma and Jamie wanted a boho feel to the day but wanted it to be a bit edger. It also and to be fun and relaxed! So moody boho was born. We used dried florals and grasses and macrame in deeper darker shades to give a moody feel. While still having relaxed boho vibes.

The venue, Owen House wedding barn.

Owen house wedding barn in Mobberly Cheshire is the perfect venue for a moody colour palette. The barns natural wood and metal elements already give a warm moody feel to the venue. So I worked with the elements of the venue enhancing and playing on the natural darker feel.

The venue is great space. It has everything a couple could need to have the perfect stress free day. The 2 areas for both of the couple’s wedding party to get ready in. They have onsite accommodation and more space near by. Owen House is still a working barn so lots for the guests to see on the day and morning after. My favourite area as to be the photo shed! No need to go find the perfect spot for family and couple pictures they have perfect space with all your photography needs! The fairy light wall is stunning!

owen house wedding barn

Ceremony styling

For the ceremony, we went with fairy lights and candles for a romantic feel. We used large dried grasses from just Dalilah mixed with pampas grass to give a natural feel. I wanted to create shadows and movement with the darker room lighting with the fairy lights and candles flickering. It really was a beautiful ethereal feel.

The ceremony room is next to the main reception room. It is turned into a chill area after for the guest to relax and enjoy a quieter space.

Table and reception styling

For the wedding breakfast, we carried on the moody boho feel. We used a palette of mixed grey shades and black for the base. Deep dark reds and burgundy for the main colour and copper for the accent. The colour palette worked perfectly in the space. Using a mix for the base meant that we could lighten the palette slightly by adding the lighter greys on top of the blacks and dark greys. Head to my wedding palette blog to understand more about how I create a colour palette.

Moody boho wedding styling at Owen House wedding barn

Gemma and Jamie were an amazing couple! They wanted a design-focused day and was clear on their vision but they also wanted it relaxed and fun! I think we nailed it they are their guests had an awesome night!

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