reds, pinks and green colors

Emerald green is the perfect wedding color. With the right palette, it can work for any season but especially lends itself to a winter or autumn wedding.

If you are looking for a rich wedding color that is versatile, emerald green is for you.

It works with so many colors to create a palette for any wedding style or season.

Stick around as I have put together the most must-have 2024 emerald green wedding color palettes.

Or head to the bottom of the blog for all my favorite emerald green wedding ideas.

What colors go with emerald green for a wedding?

So many! This is probably not the answer you were looking for but so many colors really do.

Head to my emerald green color blog for the full breakdown of the color and its compliments, analogous, and triad.

Here though are some of the best color combos that go with emerald green for a wedding or event.

a color palette with burnt ornage and emerald green colors

1. Emerald green, burnt Orange, and copper

This is an autumn wedding color palette of dreams. The deep rich colors of both emerald and burnt orange add so much depth and drama.

Here I’ve used copper as an accent color to keep with the rich palette. You can easily swap this with another metal, also consider black for a stylish twist or white to add some freshness and make it work for warmer months.


Styling tips

Have emerald green tablecloths for a dramatic look. Bring in the burnt orange through the florals, mixed in green foliage.

Then the copper can be mixed in with your cutlery, candle sticks, and votives. Use emerald candles to finish the look.

pink and green color palette

2. A pop of pink

I just love this fun color palette! It is a modern take on a pink wedding. The darker rich green gives a stylish modern feel while the muted pink adds a fun pop of color.

This palette will work in any season, for summer weddings add more light greens and a higher ratio of pinks.


Styling tips

Depending on the overall feel you want to achieve I would mix up the ratios of pink to green. Green tablecloths with pops of pink in the florals and candles would look so modern and fun!

You could also go for soft pink tablecloths for a summer wedding and add pops of green and pink with the flowers, candles, and glassware.

emerald green and gold and white color scheme

3. Emerald green Gold and white

This color scheme is so elegant and timeless. It works in all seasons but is the perfect winter wedding color palette. You can add in some shades of dusty pink or blue for a summer or spring wedding.


Styling tips

I feel this palette works well with a simple, elegant wedding style. Keep the design paired back but include simple but beautiful carefully selected pieces.

White line tablecloths with emerald green runners, I would use velvet in the winter and soft gauze in the summer. Clean modern gold candle sticks and holders, for some luxury use gold cutlery and gold rim glassware. Adds some glass items also to reflect and add a little romantic twinkle.

black and dark green color palette

4. Moody Greens

If like me you love a moody palette then this is the emerald green wedding color scheme for you! Perfect for a winter wedding for a moody modern feel.


Styling tips

Darker color palettes can be harder to achieve with weddings, work with your venue carefully. Dark green tablecloths, lots of glassware, and black and emerald green candles. When going for a darker palette you need to also include lighting options. Lighting can change it from dark and dingy to warm and romantic. Lots of fairy lights, candlelight, and Edison bulbs for a vintage feel.

rust and emerald green color scheme

5. Rust and emerald

Green and rust colors just make me think of aging copper, the colors beautifully mixing together. I wanted to keep this palette fresh, normally rust emerald green schemes would be richer. This palette will work for any season.

graphic showing emerald green and rust wedding styling items and décor pieces


Styling Tips

Depending on the colors you choose to use more of in this palette you can make it work for any season.

I love the mix of the dark emerald green and the rust to create a moody winter palette. Softening as much as you like with the added softer greens and terracotta shades.

Lots of candles will warm the overall palette, if going for a darker palette this is super important.

red, purple, pink and blue color palette

6. Jewel tones

If you are looking for a colorful winter or fall color scheme then jewel tones are the way to go! Add an accent of copper and you have a colorful yet stylish wedding.

graphic of emerald and jewel colored wedding décor


Styling tip

Keep to 5/6 colors max, with all the colors a jewel tone. Pick a base color like emerald green to use throughout and then add the others in pops through the flowers or candles.

mustard, yellow and emerald green color palette

7. Mustard yellow and emerald green

I love mustard and dark blue, but I think I may just love it with emerald green more! What a color combo, it is a great modern take on blue and yellow palettes.

Styling tips

Depending on your wedding season you will want to go darker or lighter with your shades. Just because I am in love with emerald velvet I would use these as tablecloths. Then I would have yellow and warm-tone flowers, and a few candles but keep it really clean and minimal as the colors will be doing enough. If you wanted to soften the green you could include a dark cream/brown gauze runner.

color palette ina mix of bright green tones

8. Bright greens

Adding some lighter greens like mint to the emerald green gives you a fun light all-green color palette. You can easily add some pinks, blues, or purples to this palette for a fresh colorful wedding scheme.

Styling Tips

I would have lots of greenery, all the different shades I could find! Green tablecloths, in a lighter shade. Then lots of glass and mixed green tone candles. Layer the colors and texture to add interest. You could have a few different textured runners. I would use apples, limes, succulents, and even moss. Adding interest and detail really helps when styling a monochromatic color scheme.

navy and green colors

9. Navy and emerald green

Maybe not two colors you would put together at first thought. I think they work beautifully together though. The navy brings out the blue tones in the emerald and helps the green pop more. Adding in some lighter blues makes it adaptable to an all-year-round color palette.

grey, white and green

10. Freshness in a color palette

The green with the grey is so clean and fresh feeling. It is a timeless color palette and perfect for a minimal or modern wedding vibe.

Styling tips

Keep to simply clean lines, and keep styling minimal. Use texture in the fabrics to soften and merge the colors but the contrast is the beauty of the palette so play on it.

purple and green colors

11. Muted purples and emerald green

I just love the muted purple mix with the rich emerald. I do keep saying but the perfect winter color palette.

Styling tips

Go full-on decedent with this color palette! I love a minimal look but you can go all-out maximalist with this palette. Grapes, berries, and figs added to an audience of flowers. Deep dark tablecloths with an emerald runner. Layers and texture or if bold enough a patterned floral tablecloth with all the beautiful colors used.

dusty blue and green color palette

12. Dusty blue and dark green

So I am a big lover of dusty blue, dusty blue and copper is one of my top color combos. Mixing it with emerald green though is a must! With the blue tones of emerald green, it looks like a melting pot of gorgeousness.

Styling tips

This palette plays perfectly for a romantic whimsical wedding. Lots of soft fabrics, layers, and glass, used in the decor. Depending on the season use more of one color, emerald for the colder months and dusty blue for summer.

reds, pinks and green colors

13. Mulled wine vibes

The deep rich reds of this palette make me think of mulled wine. I think this is the perfect festive color plate for a modern take on festive colors.

Styling tips

Choose your greenery carefully, even if getting married around Christmas you don’t want your wedding to look like a Christmas party. Stick with non-Christmas greens, Ruscus and eucalyptus or olive branches are a perfect choice. Lots of lush greenery, bring the burgundy in through candles and decor.

Emerald green wedding ideas you will love!

Depending on your wedding theme you can include emerald green in so many ways to your wedding.

1. Use lots of greenery in your flowers

Lots of greenery is the easiest way to have an emerald green wedding. Make sure you choose darker greenery types for an emerald green look.

2. Candles are a great way to add emerald green to your decor

I do love a colored candle! It is a cheap and easy way to add a pop of your chosen color to your wedding styling. Especially your table styling.

3. Velvet tablecloth or runner

Green velvet is just so rich and dreamy. If you have it in your budget then go all out with every table. If you looking to make an impact on a tighter budget then table runners work well. You can also just use it for your cake table, which adds some texture and drama.

4. Have an emerald green wedding dress

This one is for the bolder brides! Emerald is such a flattering color for most skin. If you are more of a nontraditional bride and want something unique then looking for colored wedding dresses is a good idea.

5. Wear a pair of emerald green shoes

I love this idea, it is a fun way to add a pop of emerald green to your wedding outfit.

6. Groom and groomsmen suits

Colored groom suits are so popular and I am totally here for it! I think a dark green suit might be my favorite groomsman color choice.

7. Dress your bridal party in emerald green

As I mentioned above it suits so many skin and hair types that it is the perfect green choice for your bridal party. As a darker shade of green, it gives a stylish feel.

8. Have a green wedding ring

There are so many stunning unique engagement and wedding bands available now. I suggest heading to Etsy, you are sure to find the perfect emerald green band.

9. Set the tone with invitations

The invites are the first thing your guests will see so I think it is important to set the tone. Using your wedding colors can also be helpful for guests to get a feel of the color and style of the day.

10. Have an emerald wedding cake

Cake should always be a showstopper. But a bold, dramatic emerald green cake really can’t be beaten.

Emerald green wedding color ideas

I hope this blog has helped you find your perfect emerald-green color palette. First, think about your season, and how you want your day to feel and look, then pick a palette that works with these answers and your venue. If you have any questions leave a comment below!