boho moody wedding Owen house barn

Moody Boho was the order of the day at Owen House wedding barn! Gemma and Jamie wanted a boho feel to the day but wanted it to be a bit edger. It also and to be fun and relaxed! So moody boho was born. We used dried florals and grasses and macrame in deeper darker shades to give a moody feel. While still having relaxed boho vibes.

The venue, Owen House wedding barn.

Owen house wedding barn in Mobberly Cheshire is the perfect venue for a moody colour palette. The barns natural wood and metal elements already give a warm moody feel to the venue. So I worked with the elements of the venue enhancing and playing on the natural darker feel.

The venue is great space. It has everything a couple could need to have the perfect stress free day. The 2 areas for both of the couple’s wedding party to get ready in. They have onsite accommodation and more space near by. Owen House is still a working barn so lots for the guests to see on the day and morning after. My favourite area as to be the photo shed! No need to go find the perfect spot for family and couple pictures they have perfect space with all your photography needs! The fairy light wall is stunning!

owen house wedding barn

Ceremony styling

For the ceremony, we went with fairy lights and candles for a romantic feel. We used large dried grasses from just Dalilah mixed with pampas grass to give a natural feel. I wanted to create shadows and movement with the darker room lighting with the fairy lights and candles flickering. It really was a beautiful ethereal feel.

The ceremony room is next to the main reception room. It is turned into a chill area after for the guest to relax and enjoy a quieter space.

Table and reception styling

For the wedding breakfast, we carried on the moody boho feel. We used a palette of mixed grey shades and black for the base. Deep dark reds and burgundy for the main colour and copper for the accent. The colour palette worked perfectly in the space. Using a mix for the base meant that we could lighten the palette slightly by adding the lighter greys on top of the blacks and dark greys. Head to my wedding palette blog to understand more about how I create a colour palette.

Moody boho wedding styling at Owen House wedding barn

Gemma and Jamie were an amazing couple! They wanted a design-focused day and was clear on their vision but they also wanted it relaxed and fun! I think we nailed it they are their guests had an awesome night!

If you are looking for help with wedding design or styling get in contact I would love to chat!

This week I am bringing you the real wedding of David and Jo. The wedding was in the beautiful countryside of Clitheroe at The Stirk House. Jo really wanted that princess wedding feel with pink and grey as her chosen colours. I worked with Jo on the design to give that princess feel but with a modern twist. We wanted it elegant and full of details that really showed their personality. I pared-back the princess feel and went with a french modern fairytale for this Clitheroe wedding.

The Ceremony

The ceremony room was attached to a gorgeous conservatory overrun with ivy. We wanted to recreate this in the ceremony room, with lots of ivy crawling its way down the aisle and up the backdrop. Also, the venue Stirk house was chosen because of the lovely surroundings of Clitheroe.

The room also had a stunning fireplace we had to make sure we made a feature of. Again lots of greenery and of course nothing says romance more than an abundance of candles.

The wedding breakfast

We then had a quick swap over to get the room set up for the meal. While the guests enjoyed the Stirk house’s beautiful gardens with gorgeous views of Clitheroe.

This room had a stunning glass ceiling! We wanted everyone to feel as though they were sitting below the stars. We used a mixture of fairy lights and Edison bulbs from Peter Lockwood. I then wrapped it all in greenery to carry on the bringing the outside in theme.

The tables we went with grey linen tablecloths with pink chiffon runners. Jo had fallen in love with printed napkins she has seen. I went searching for some pink and gold that would match her palette. This was a real struggle! As this was her one luxury item she just knew she had to have I looked into making them for her. Luckily this process was not too hard as I already had the machines needed.

The tables

I chose gold accents for the tables including the cutlery. This made such a huge difference to the overall look of the table. It gave the luxury feel Jo wanted. By linking the gold centrepiece accents with the cutlery tied it all nicely. Gold accents and then silver cutlery on this table would have stood out and possibly looked tacky.

The florals we asked kate from perfect bouquet to use lots of pinks. With lots of textures, heights and a natural wild feel to them. She did a fantastic job and nailed the brief perfectly!

Stirk House Clitheroe wedding

The lights above as the night crept in really offered that beautiful under the stars feel. Jo and her friends and family enjoyed a night dancing under the stars. Being entertained by DJ Coast to Coast. All photos from the fab Jo Bolton.

I hope you enjoyed and took some inspiration from this Clitheroe wedding. If you are looking for a wedding designer or stylist. I would love for you to Get in touch to chat with you and hear all your plans!

Sefton Park palm house

This Liverpool wedding was a dream, the venue wow! It was so magical, green forest in the city to comes to mind! The couple and all the suppliers were also a dream. The Palm House at Sefton Park is the perfect city wedding venue for couples still wanting lush grounds.

The only thing I would change from this day was the heat! Glass building in the heat while climbing ladders, moving chairs and running around like a crazy person. Let’s just say I sweated a few pounds away that day, yikes! Urban jungle kind of theme for this wedding. They wanted a modern cool industrial feel in the beautiful lush surroundings of the venue. We used lots of copper, neon and geometrics! mixed metallic, white and green colour palette.

The cake also didn’t like the heat! The cake maker had to make a dummy cake that looked identical and bring the cake cut up already. It was already melting with the heat and it would not have lasted 5 minutes in the glass dome of the palm house.

The couple never knew about the cake drama, which is the way it should be. Remember things will go wrong on your wedding day. Having a great team of suppliers you trust means that you will not have to deal with it. most of the time you will never know!

We also had an issue with a neon sign the couple ordered. It came with a strange plug, not foreign it was explained to me but all I knew it was going to turn on! After 4 shops later we managed to get an electrical shop to wire a plug on so it would work! Again the couple never knew! A bonus to having a city Liverpool wedding I suppose! not sure what we would have done in the middle of nowhere. The couple hired a neon sign from the word is love but also had one made to keep after, such a great idea and a lovely keepsake.

The couple and a beautiful day and the guests looked like they had an amazing time. Feast your eyes on the beautiful gallery below. If you are planning a wedding a The Palm House or any other venue get in contact and I would love to chat with you!

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