I can see why flower bars are so popular for bridal showers and other events. I had so much fun creating one for a recent bridal shower. I thought I would share my top tips and the process I followed.

The main thing to remember is the flowers will need to be prepped before. If you don’t have time or this is not possible then you may want to reconsider or hire a florist.

This is perfect to go along with a bridal shower brunch.

graphic showing flower bar flower options and amounts

Choosing Flowers

Selecting the right flowers is a cornerstone in creating a bridal shower flower bar.

For the types of flowers, consider classic choices like roses, lilies, tulips, daisies, sunflowers, dahlias and carnations.

I would stick to 3 to 5 types of main flowers. This approach not only simplifies the selection process but also ensures the flower bar looks elegant and well-coordinated. It can also help with costs, such as buying in bulk.

When it comes to the color scheme, aligning the flowers with the bridal shower’s theme is key. For a harmonious palette, incorporate a mix of both bold and subtle shades or opt for a monochromatic scheme with varying tones of a single color.

Don’t forget to consider the season as well. Opting for seasonal flowers can be more cost-effective and ensures the blooms are at their freshest and most beautiful.

To complete the flower bar, add some filler flowers and greenery. These elements bring texture and fullness to arrangements, making each creation by guests unique and personal.

If you are on a budget then going foraging for wildflowers and grasses is a great way to pack out a flower bar. You could do a completely wildflower flower bar if you live in the right area.

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Items Needed

  • Vases or Buckets: Containers to hold the flowers. Use clear vases or stylish buckets to display the blooms. I used these ones from Amazon. They come in different colors so perfect for all bridal shower themes.
  • Water and Flower Food: Freshwater to keep flowers hydrated and flower food to prolong their life. Consider your venue and access to water or you will need to fill prior.
  • Scissors or Floral Shears: Tools for guests to cut and trim stems. I suggest prepping beforehand so you will only need floral scissors if they are making arrangements. Scissors for cutting wrapping.
  • Floral Foam or wire: If you’re creating structured arrangements, floral foam or floral wire can help keep flowers in place. Using chicken wire is an ecofriendly option but floral foam would be easier for guests.
  • Brown Paper and ribbon or vases: For binding bouquets and adding a decorative touch. I love the organic feel of brown paper wrapped flowers with a pretty bow. If guests are making arrangements you will need vases or vessels. I used these bud vases, they were less than a dollar each.
  • Table and Tablecloth: A designated area for setting up the flower bar. A tablecloth that complements the theme can enhance the look. A waterproof tablecloth for a workstation for guests. Using boxes or something to create different heights.
  • Labels and Signage: Labels for different types of flowers and instructions for making bouquets. Also, brief guides or cards with tips on creating beautiful arrangements. Check out my digital flower bar pack to make this super easy.
  • Garbage Bins and cleaning items: For disposing of stems, leaves, and other floral waste. It will depend on the venue choice but you will need a brush, bins, and cleaning items.
  • Work Aprons and Gloves: Optional, to keep guests’ clothes clean while they work. Having personalized ones for them to take home would be a lovely extra touch. I made my own but these ones on Etsy are a great price and can be doubled up as a bridal shower favor. Gloves for all or some guests who may wish to use them, these ones are cute!
  • Decorative Elements: Such as banners, table runners, or themed decor to integrate the flower bar into the overall bridal shower theme. The petals and prosecco theme works really well, bridal bunch, wildflower, bride to bee, and any floral themes really. For DIY decor check out my bridal shower digital range on Etsy.
  • Extra Supplies: Like wires, clips, and floral pins for more complex arrangements.

Prepping and processing flowers

Depending on your party size it might be best to order your flowers from a wholesaler. Either way you will need to prep your flowers the day before but with wholesale flowers there is a little more work. You will need to order a few days before prep them as advised and leave them in water in a cold dark space.

If buying from a florist or shop prepping the day before is all that is needed. You want to cut them all and place them in fresh clean water with flower food.

Place them into the buckets they will be displayed in. Make sure you clean these out beforehand and use fresh clean water. Remove all lower leaves or foliage that will touch the water. This will keep them staying fresh and nice for longer.

Top tip: If using roses and they are not open, place them in hot water to help them quickly open. It also helps drooping ones freshen back up.

flower bar all set up and styled

Set up and styling tips

Set up a workstation

This can be as simple as a table for guest to create their bouquet. Or for an extra special feel set up a vase or vessel for each guest and they can create a floral display to take away.

This will make it more of an event and guests can sit and sip and also take their time. This is then the only entertainment you need for the event.

If it is more of a bridal shower favor alternative then just a table for guest to tie up their bouquet as they are leaving is more than enough. With paper for wrapping and nice ribbons to tie.

Keep the Flower Bar Simple

Keep the styling simple, the flowers will do all the work. Use boxes or stands to mix up the heights of the buckets.

Have a nice sign or two. That is really all you need. You want guests to be able to easily access the flowers and take what they need. The more guests the simpler it needs to be.

A cute idea is above to have a shop style awning to give it a flower shop vibe. But a nice table or stand with flowers in buckets is all that is needed.

Create Signs and labels

Grab my free flower bar sign or get creative and make your own. Make labels for each flower bucket so they know what they are picking.

Signs or instruction cards are also a good idea, if no one is around to explain it will help guests know what to do.

Including something like take 5 stems of your choice and some filler flowers can help limit the amount guests take if you are concerned.


Top Budget Saving Tips

  • Seasonal and Local Flowers: Choose flowers that are in season and locally available. These options are often more affordable than out-of-season or exotic blooms that need to be imported.

  • Wholesale Purchases: Buy flowers in bulk from wholesale markets or directly from local growers. This can significantly reduce the cost per stem compared to retail flower shops.

  • Simplify the Selection: Instead of offering a wide variety of flowers, limit the options to 3-5 types of main flowers along with some greenery and filler flowers. This not only creates a cohesive look but also keeps costs down.

  • Use More Greenery and Fillers: Greenery and filler flowers like baby’s breath, ferns, or eucalyptus are usually less expensive than premium flowers. They can fill out bouquets beautifully without costing a lot.

  • Forage for flowers: Depending on where you live you could forage the filler flowers. If enough time you could even grow your own. Or speak to your neighbors if they have flowers growing.

  • DIY Decor: Create your own decorations for the flower bar. Use items like burlap, ribbons, and handmade signs to add a personal touch without spending much. Grab my digital downloads.

  • Borrow or Rent Supplies: Instead of buying new vases, scissors, and other supplies, consider borrowing from friends or renting. Many event rental companies offer these items at a reasonable cost.

  • Buy Secondhand: The buckets and bud vases will be easy to find on Facebook marketplace or similar. If you have enough time you can slowly build up all the items you need.
dried flower flower bar

Unique flower bar Ideas

Creating a unique flower bar for a bridal shower can turn it into a memorable and engaging experience for all the guests. Here are some innovative ideas to make your flower bar stand out:

  • Themed Flower Selections: Tailor the flower choices to a specific theme, such as tropical, vintage, or rustic. For example, a tropical theme might feature bright orchids and hibiscus, while a vintage theme could include classic roses and peonies.

  • Create-Your-Own Flower Crown Station: In addition to bouquets, provide materials and instructions for guests to create their own flower crowns, a perfect accessory for the bridal shower and later events.

  • Herb and Edible Flower Bar: Mix in culinary herbs like rosemary, basil, and edible flowers such as nasturtiums or violets. These can be used for both bouquets and as unique ingredients for the shower’s menu.

  • Interactive Workshops: Have a local florist or flower arranging expert conduct a mini-workshop, teaching guests how to create professional-looking bouquets or other floral arrangements.

  • Flower Bar with a Cause: Partner with a local charity and have guests create an extra bouquet to donate to a local hospital, nursing home, or charity event, adding a philanthropic twist.

  • Eco-Friendly Flower Bar: Use locally-sourced, organic flowers and eco-friendly materials for vases and decorations, appealing to environmentally-conscious guests.

  • Dried Flower Bar: In addition to or instead of fresh flowers, offer a selection of beautiful dried flowers and grasses for arrangements that will last long after the shower.

  • Succulent Station: Include a variety of succulents for guests to incorporate into their bouquets or to pot as a take-home gift.

  • Memory Lane Flowers: Incorporate flowers that have special meaning to the bride or couple, such as flowers from the place they met, had their first date, or got engaged, with little story cards explaining their significance.

  • Photobooth with Floral Background: Set up a photobooth area with a lush floral backdrop where guests can take pictures with their floral creations.

  • Wreath Making Station: This works for any season but is especially great for a winter or Christmas themed bridal shower.

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